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New Zealand VPN Service

Get VPN in New Zealand to access
region restricted content

Unblock online restrictions and enjoy streaming

Access your favorite streaming content, favorite TV shows and local websites outside New Zealand. Live in New Zealand virtually from anywhere. Get New Zealand IP address when you are travelling abroad

New Zealand

New Zealand VPN. Best VPN for New Zealand. Get access to streaming or region restricted content in New Zealand with a VPN

Avoid being tracked online

VPN replaces your IP address and real location with another. Your outgoing and incoming traffic is encrypted. Your personal details, online banking, file sharing, downloading torrents (legal) are hidden from hackers, your ISP and other prying eyes

Your ISP can not monitor your online activity. Your browsing is totally anonymous. You are protected from surveillance. Your online identity is hidden. Your ISP, Google and Facebook cannot spy on your browsing history and searches

Access any content from anywhere

Hide browsing history from ISP

Surf Internet anonymously

Why use Trust.Zone VPN in New Zealand

Access online streams
Stream music, video and sport events with no restrictions

VPN protects you from surveillance
Your online activity cannot be monitored or logged

Download any files with no risk
Safe file sharing, downloading files on BitTorrent and p2p networks

VPN prevents online tracking
Trust.Zone VPN stops Google, Facebook and Ads networks from tracking your online behavior

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