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10 Hidden Features of Trust.Zone VPN

7 Mayıs 2021

When we talk about VPN, one thing that clicks our mind is protection and privacy. We all know how a VPN sets up a digital tunnel for our protection. This remotely located VPN safeguards our connection from third-party interruptions.

However, there is much more a VPN can do for us. Let us understand some hidden features of TrustZone VPN:

1. Protection of Identity

Undoubtedly, VPN provides great privacy protection. But, it is also an ideal way to protect user information. Yes, users can use the internet free of mind without any fear of being traced.

2. Top Secret Level Encryption

The toughest encryption of TrustZone - AES-256 safely passes the data from the device to the destination. Thus, even if a third party attempts to interfere, it fails. The data is encrypted and routed by a server. Therefore, information related to the web activity and its connection with the device is completely removed.

3. Access to Restricted Content

Most of the content on the internet is available worldwide. However, some of it is not available in certain regions. Services like Netflix, BBC, and others put some restrictions according to regional laws and regulations.

This means they only give access to the content relevant to the region. Thus, subscribers can never access the entire content.

But, TrustZone makes it possible to access the restricted content. With TrustZone you can access any content while sitting in your home country. Just connect the server with nfx-prefix like us-nfx.trust.zone or use personal dedicated IP address for streaming

4. Access to Blocked Sites

If you are a frequent traveler, you must know how difficult it is to access sites from other countries. Just like the streaming services, some websites only display content for specific regions. Thus, if you are on a trip, accessing your frequently used site is not possible.

However, TrustZone removes this hurdle by allowing you to relocate the connection. This is extremely helpful in managing business transactions. For instance, you want to transfer supplier payments, but you are not in your home country.

How will you access online banking? Banking sites put some heavy restrictions in this regard. But, with a VPN, you can conveniently change the location and transfer payments easily.

Trust Zone is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types. Whether you want to start a digital business or have an established one, using a VPN will benefit your company.

5. Avoidance of Trackers

Though some countries have set legitimate rules regarding data collection by agencies, others don’t. Internet activity is a personal matter, and many of us do not want to be tracked by the government.

Therefore, Trust. Zone provides a solution for it. By using this VPN, you can make sure that ISPs and other agencies are not using your data without consent. Some ISPs even sell this data for advertisement purposes. Thus, enjoy your web freedom by using this VPN.

6. Avoid Geo-Based Pricing

Sometimes we spend a lot of time searching for the price of a product, but it’s all in vain! Most online products are priced based on their geographical locations. This means that the price of the same product will vary in different locations.

However, when you have TrustZone, you can easily change your location and get the product at the same price. This key benefit of a VPN is helpful in bulk purchasing, where businesses can save a lot by just changing locations.

7. Avoid ISP Restrictions

We all know that torrents are the right way to download content. Breaching of copyrights is not a legal option. But, in some cases, ISPs put restrictions on some sites. These restrictions become a hurdle in your work with the use of VPN like TrustZone, you can eliminate this restriction. Thus, you can easily get access to all restricted services.

8. Safe Use of Public Wi-Fi

Connecting to public Wi-Fi is always risky. The connection in supermarkets, malls, and public transport is not encrypted for immense security. Thus, cybercriminals find it easier to catch your data. In other words, they get access to all the data transferred from your device.

This data will also include your financial information like bank details, card details, social media passwords, etc. TrustZone resolves this issue by encrypting the data. Additionally, if any third party attempts to intercept your data, the VPN makes it unreadable.

9. Bandwidth Maximization

At times, we get annoyed with our internet speed. Inconsistency in speed affects our productivity. Sometimes the internet works at great speed while suddenly it slows down. This shows that the ISP is tracking our web activity and controlling the speed.

Thus, if you do not want your ISP to track you, use a VPN like Trust Zone. In this way, the ISP will get no idea about your internet activities. Consequently, he will not throttle the speed. Remember, a VPN will also reduce your internet speed by 5%. However, this 5% reduction is lesser than the decrease made by ISP.

10. Avoidance of Government Censorship

You are lucky enough to live in a country where internet freedom is allowed. If you look into some Asian countries like Qatar, Saudia Arabia, UAE, etc., you will find many restrictions imposed by the government. VPNs also help us in this regard. However, keep in mind that every VPN is not powerful enough to give access to the restricted sites. Therefore, you can blindly rely on TrustZone.

Wrapping It Up

In short, getting the best VPN is mandatory to work safely and securely. Besides providing safety against data theft, VPNs help us in several other ways. One such VPN is Trust. Zone. This VPN is embedded with multiple features that help us in getting access to restricted content.

Besides this, you can avoid all kinds of tracking through this VPN. Public Wi-Fi, which is another common issue in terms of security, can be used safely with a VPN. Additionally, it helps in maximizing the internet speed and curtails the drawbacks of geo-based pricing.