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Can You Use a VPN in School, College & University?

7 Januar 2022

Some institutes allow using VPN while others may not. This happens because the institutes restrict such activities that may distract the students from studies like online gaming, torrenting, and using such sites that may violate copyrights laws.

VPN helps you gain access to several sites that are not available in your regions like any artwork or historical research. You may be able to gather useful information from sources that demand a certain set of rules to be followed for being approached. This tool makes it a lot easier to explore certain online areas than performing lengthy procedures to get permission.

VPN explained: How it works

VPN gives you privacy while using online platforms through public internet connections. It encrypts your online activity and then routes it through a VPN server. The chances of any online security threats are minimized by using it and you can browse online without any fear of getting traced.

Imagine sitting at a coffee shop and checking your bank account details online or sending emails, you will definitely not want to share your personal information or location details with any stranger. If you are using a public Wi-Fi network and do not want to disclose anything private, this tool can prevent you from a lot of invader attacks through Wi-Fi.

Try to get complete information regarding how you can prevent your data from any external harm before you install or operate a trustworthy VPN. Without getting all the information regarding any tool, you cannot use it properly or get maximum benefits. That is why it’s essential to understand how VPN works, how it is installed, and what functions does it perform to help you out.

You cannot get maximum productivity if you install a free version since they may not have policies of preventing your data completely from being vulnerable to external sources. Try to purchase premium plans for using VPN and explore the features they possess.

Should I use a VPN in school?

To get safety from cybercriminals and protect your online history from getting recorded, VPN can be a great tool. However, considering the age group of students studying at a school, there are usually not many complex tasks involved. Here, the chances of getting distracted by games and entertainment websites are far greater. Therefore, many schools ban the use of VPN so the administrative authorities can keep a check on the online activity of students.

If you like to invest your time exploring useful educational websites online, this is the right tool for you. It helps in protecting your device from being traced or attacked by any malware and hence you can easily do online tasks without any worries.

It is essential to know certain things before you decide to install and use VPN online:

Should I use a VPN in college and university?

Definitely, YES. Here is a list of top 5 reasons to use VPN in college.

VPN can help you from identity theft when various online invaders might be in need of collecting your personal information for misuse. It may involve performing any criminal activity in your name like filing a tax, harassing any instructor, defaming the institute by the use of social media, or making investments in a property.

It maintains high security for all your devices like the IP address, streaming activity, or server attacks. It can be of no harm to you unless the college or university authority permits using it for your own safety. The reason for some institutes not allowing their access is the violation of copyright laws to get access to certain harmful websites.

Students may try to use torrents to watch movies online or access academic websites that may contain information that the student is supposed to gather by himself through his personal experiences. It can give an advantage to a particular student over another and thus, the institutes may ban the use of VPNs to not grant such practices.

Some phrases or offensive content might be restricted by the institute that you may access by using VPN. If you have not been granted official permission from the school authorities, its use can create trouble for you. Try to discuss your requirements with them if you are in dire need of using such websites for educational purposes.

Is it illegal to use VPN in school?

VPN, in general, is a safety tool for securing your online information but it may be considered illegal if you violate the rules set by an institute. For instance, exploring offensive topics or anti-religious content may get you punished by school authorities. Children at school are usually not much responsible and do not understand the seriousness of certain matters.

Certain websites may have harmful effects on the mental state of children or they may generate hatred among students against certain communities. Since the online world is full of vulnerable stuff from all across the globe, the students may get access to blasphemous content that can hurt the sentiments of a particular community. The use of VPN is not bad at all but if there is no proper check on the online activity of students, they may start exploring restricted websites that can impact their views greatly.

If you are sensible enough to use it for the sole purpose of keeping your personal data safe, it can be very helpful and legal to use. However, if you waste hours on useless online activities then this tool will disturb your study routine. It is not the tool or any online software that is problematic, the actual issue is its misuse to perform any non-permissible activity.


VPN should be the first app you download as student.

VPN is a very effective tool for saving your personal information, browsing history, and online activity from the attack of external agencies like hackers. It keeps your data safe and helps you explore various websites without any risk. It must be used for safety purposes not to get access to restricted sites or offensive content. 

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