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Trust.Zone VPN Port Forwarding is Now Available

18 June 2020
Trust. Zone is now offering port forwarding.

Why do you need port forwarding with Trust.Zone?

Here is guide how to set a port forwaring with your Bittorrent client and Trust.Zone VPN.
First of all, you have to get a personal dedicated IP address on TrustZone here. (expand Add extra features)
After you did it, follow the steps:

Step 1

Run Trust.Zone app, go to Servers, find your VPN server with a dedicated IP, click on it and connect.

Step 2

Open BitTorrent client and click on Options > Preferences > Connection and enter your port forwarded number  in "Port used for incoming connections:" For example: 15547

Step 3

After you have set the Port number Check "Enable UPnP port mapping" , "Enable NAT-PMP port mapping" and "Add Windows Firewall exception" and click on Apply

Now you can use your BitTorrent client anonymously and securily using port-forwarding.

Port forwarding is now avaialble for dedicated IP addresses in Canada only.
Allowed ports for forwarding: 2000-65535

Port forwarding for all countries will be available soon!


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