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7 Things You Didn't Know About VPN Technology

12 Августа 2020

Even though you might not have lots of experience in the tech industry, at some point you might need to use a VPN. Especially during the last months, when lots and lots of companies were forced to move their offices at their employee’s homes.

When you think of a VPN you should compare it with a game of Bouncing Balls. You might not reach a ball with a certain color directly, but you can use the outer wall to make your ball bounce and hit your target.

Similarly, to it, by using a VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, when surfing through the vast World Wide Web, you might want to get redirected before reaching your website.

Why? Well, maybe you want to access content that, regularly, you wouldn’t be able to access.

Now, let’s find out more about VPN.

1. Using VPN Does Not Mean You Are Untraceable

Even though you might consider that VPN is being used to conceal your identity, it’s not necessarily the case. In the same way, in our previous example, in a real-world, the ball would leave a ‘footprint’ on the wall it hits, your IP could still be traced back to your computer. With anonymous and logless VPN like TrustZone you online activity is hidden from prying eyes. Your Internet Service Provider or Governement agencies cannot track your online acitivity and websites you are visited

2. Remote Work is Easier

Especially since the start of 2020, companies have been forced to go remote, thus their infrastructure had to be adapted to it.

Because companies try to keep their information safe, most certainly the internal websites they operate are hidden from regular traffic. This means that if you are working remotely, there’s a big chance you need to use VPN on a regular basis. Without it, it would’ve been very difficult: IP whitelisting, lots of credentials, and the list goes on. With a VPN, you only have to start it and you are inside your company’s network.

3. You Can Access Restricted Content

Another useful use case of the VPN is that you can easily access restricted content. Let’s say you are on a vacation in Barbados, but you want to watch your favorite soap opera which airs on CBS. But, as you are in Barbados and they restricted access to their streaming service to the US only, without a VPN that would be impossible. But, as you are very smart, you can use a VPN service to redirect your internet traffic to a server-based in the US and see your favorite TV series.

4. Private browsing and searches

Did you know almost every website out there keeps track of your activity for them to study your behvaiour? They usually link your IP to a cookie or a supercookie then study your activity on the website.

By using a VPN, you encrypt your website traffic history, thus websites won’t be able to know your browsing history, where did you come from, where are you going and so on.

Even more, if you combine the powers of zero-logging VPN like TrustZone with a non-logging search engine, like DuckDuckGo, you can keep your data private from companies such as Google, Facebook, and so on.

5. Roughly 15% of the Countries Ban VPN

Even though the great majority of the countries don’t ban VPN. 15% of them ban the use of VPN. Why? Because most of them have authoritarian laws and they want full control and traceability of their citizens’ day-to-day internet experience. They tend to censor certain websites for so-called national security reasons.

6. Virtual Private Network Providers Keep Your Data

As we said at point 1, using a VPN doesn’t mean you are untraceable. The first reason would be the fact that a skilled tech guy can easily trace the flow of information back to your computer.

The second one would be the fact that the great majority of Virtual Private Network providers store data in their logs.

Usually, the data is not used in a harmful way. The providers tend to use these logs in order to find loopholes in their network and improve their users’ experience. Even so, when authorities ask for information about a certain person, the providers are obliged to share the information.

Trust.Zone doesn't store any information or logs. Besides, Trust.Zone is under offshore jurisdiction (Seychelles), out of 14-eyes counties list and it supports Warrant Canary.

7. Chances of Getting Hacked Decrease when using a VPN

Even though the possibility of your security being bridged decrease while using a VPN, it is still possible. When using a VPN, your personal information is encrypted, thus making hacking almost impossible.

Let’s say you go to your favorite pub with your laptop because you still have some work to do. As usual, you connect to their public Wifi. Without using a VPN, a hacker could easily gain admin access on that network and start spreading malware to all the connected devices or even steal data.

By using a VPN, all your activity information is encrypted, so even if the hacker gets to your data, he won’t be able to read it. Even better, major VPN companies offer native iOS and Android apps, thus you can protect your mobile traffic, as well.

Long story short, if you want to keep yourself away from malicious activities taking place on the World Wide Web, you should definitely use the services of a Virtual Private Network provider like Trust.Zone


A VPN is a network you could use in order to redirect your internet traffic through a server. This is very useful when you want to access inaccessible content or work from home.

In a nutshell, instead of accessing certain resources directly, your internet traffic first goes through a server in a different location, your information gets encrypted, then it continues its way to the website you are visiting. Then, when the information gets back to you, it will follow the same flow.

Especially if you are working from home, it is recommended to use VPNs as you will make your life much easier and safer. You won’t need to remember or save lots of credentials and the company will be safer this way.

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