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How to Watch Norwegian TV Abroad

4 June 2021

If you are a fan of Norwegian TV shows, you know it is hard to stay away from them. You probably also know that it is equally hard to access these TV shows when you're abroad.

Streaming platforms such as NRK and Viafree are locked by region, so you cannot access the content from anywhere else in the world. Or so you think.

It is possible to bypass geo-restrictions and watch as many Norwegian TV shows as you would like. Restricted access to Norwegian TV can be a thing of the past if you understand how to go around it.

This guide explains how to stream Norwegian TV from anywhere in the world by using a VPN such as TrustZone.

Why is it Hard to Access Norwegian Live Streaming Services?

Many streaming services are native to only a few countries. This is because quite a lot of TV shows have licensing agreements and geo-restrictions. Restrictions like this mean that you might not be able to keep up with your favorite Norwegian TV shows like NRK, TV2, Sumo, Viaplay, HBO Nordic, etc.

If you live in Norway and travel abroad for a vacation or work, you might miss out on several episodes of these shows. And if you've moved out of Norway for a very long period, you might never be able to access these shows until you find a solution.

When this happens, you might wonder if there is something wrong with your device, but that is usually not the case. When you try to access Norway shows or other foreign content from outside the country, the website gets access to your IP address. If it finds that there are geo-restrictions for your location, it blocks your access to that content.

What Are Geo-restrictions?

Also known as geo-blocks, geo-restrictions are a way that content providers limit access to their content, services, or platforms based on geographical location. These restrictions are why you can access some Norwegian TV shows in Norway and not access them anywhere else.

Websites can put geo-restrictions in place because they have access to your geographical location when you connect to them. As you're reading this piece on this website, we can find your location and IP address.

Here's how it works: A website receives a connection request from your device, then checks whether it can access the content or not. If you are not meant to access the content based on your location, the website might redirect you to a page meant for your location. In some cases (which you might have noticed when trying to access Norwegian TV from abroad), the website can refuse your connection. You might see a message telling you that the content you're trying to access is unavailable in your country.

All this information is gotten from the following data that websites have access to:

Why Are Geo-restrictions Used?

Geo-blocks are instituted for several reasons. These include:

1. Licensing Rights and Copyright Agreements

Depending on the agreements, some content providers do not own the rights to the content they offer. They might just own the rights to broadcast it. For example, you would find that some shows on Netflix are owned by Netflix and can therefore be shown everywhere they want to. On the other hand, some others are not and can't be broadcast worldwide. Copyright holders usually need to purchase licensing rights in each country they would like their content to stream. As this differs from country to country, it might be a hard step to take.

2. Price Difference

Unfortunately, geo-restrictions are also used to enforce a difference based on the country the users are from. Content owners and copyright holders can decide to offer a piece of content for one price, say in Norway, and another in the US. As such, they would use your IP address to find where you are to enforce the different prices.

3. Legal Restrictions

Sometimes, shows are restricted because the content is only legally permitted to show in a particular location or to not show in another. This might include content that the law of one country permits but the laws of another country prohibits.

4. Blackouts

Blackouts could cause some geo-restrictions. This is an intentional practice by broadcasting companies, sports leagues, national networks, etc. It usually is used when they do not want content streamed at all in a particular area. Most of the time, it is for commercial reasons. For example, a blackout can ensure that no one can stream the event from the location if a sporting event occurs there. It can also ensure that the exclusive rights to distribute this content is owned by national networks only.

How to Bypass Geo-restrictions and Watch Norwegian TV Abroad

Watching Norwegian TV is possible if you have a trustworthy VPN. Without it, the websites will still restrict you from live streaming shows. Your IP address is the reason websites can put these restrictions in place. The easy fix to this is to use a VPN such as Trust.Zone.

Your IP address limits what TV shows you can access. Due to this, you might only have access to TV shows in your current location when your IP address is visible. If you find those shows boring or not to your taste, you just might be stuck with them.

However, you can afford yourself the luxury of watching all kinds of TV channels from all parts of the world by using a VPN to hide or change your IP address.

How to Watch Norwegian TV with a VPN

It is quite easy to set up a VPN to watch Norwegian TV abroad. Follow the steps below and you’ll be set to access all your favorite Norwegian movies and TV shows:

  1.  Sign up on TrustZone
  2.  Download and install the VPN application onto your device
  3.  Launch the VPN application and connect to a server in Norway
  4.  Once connected, access the Norwegian TV website you want and watch all the restricted Norwegian shows to your heart’s content.

Setting up a VPN is an uncomplicated process that saves you time, money and gives you access to content that you love.

What VPN Can I Use to Watch Norwegian TV Abroad?

Trust.Zone is the perfect choice for Norwegian TV. Several sites in Norway, such as vpnportalen.no, have verified it to work with Norwegian TV.

Here are some reasons why Trust.Zone is an excellent choice for watching Norwegian TV abroad:

Trust.Zone encrypts and routes all your traffic through its network. This means that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot see what you're downloading on the Internet. Hence, the streaming service cannot get such data from them. It makes you anonymous on the internet.

Not only does TrustZone make your browsing activity unavailable to third-party websites; it also does not keep track of your activity. There are no logs, personal information stored, or names stored on this VPN. As such, you can stream media from anywhere in the world, including Norway, without any risks or restrictions.

It helps you keep your data safe from prying eyes, cyber threats, and unsecured hotspots. Censorship and filters are also a thing of the past with TrustZone.

What's more? You can try Trust.Zone for free for three (3) days. You will get full access to all its services and stream all you can to your heart's content. If you find that it suits what you need it for, then you can go on to pay for a subscription.

Final Thoughts

If you love Norwegian shows, geo-blocks should not deprive you of watching them, no matter where you are in the world. With Trust.Zone, you never have to miss an episode of your favorite Norwegian TV shows. You can even discover new ones that you'd equally fall in love with.

TrustZone VPN will help you access restricted content and offer you better security as you browse the internet. Download TrustZone today, sign up and start watching Norwegian TV shows while simultaneously protecting your browsing activities on the internet.