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How to Stream Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 outside the US with a VPN legally
10 mai 2019

If you are travelling abroad or outside the US, you cannot stream Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5. Fortunately, with Trust.Zone VPN you are able to stream online your favorite TV shows legally -  HBO Now, Amazon Primie Video, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Hulu and other streaming services. en savoir plus...

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A big update of Trust.Zone apps
2 mai 2019

We have updated our VPN service with a lot of new security things on May 3. We added more data protection to our users!
No actions needed if you use Trust.Zone for Windows.
For other OS - you may be asking to upgrade Trust.Zone app or update your configuration OpenVPN files. en savoir plus...

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How Fast is Trust.Zone? Speed Tests from VPN Review Websites
26 avril 2019

Did you know that VPN Comparison and VPN Reviews websites are checking the quality of leading VPN providers every day? They do advanced testing and research of VPN speed, privacy, leaks and many more.
Here are some latest speed and tests of Trust.Zone VPN by independent souces (links to original reviews are attached) en savoir plus...

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Trust.Zone Announces a Partnership with Cloak Crypto
17 avril 2019

Trust.Zone Announces a Partnership with Cloak cryptoplatform! From now, we start accepting Cloak with 10% discount!  CloakCoin is designed to facilitate private, secure, decentralized & untraceable transfers. Cloakcoin uses the next generation Enigma encryption to create fully private transactions. en savoir plus...

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Trust.Zone VPN is Now Available in Spanish
29 mars 2019

Good news for all Spanish speaking users. Trust.Zone software and websites are now available in Spanish.  Our support is now speaking spanish too!
To start using a Spanish version of Trust.Zone application - just download the latest version of Trust.Zone VPN . After downloading, just install the software.
You can change the language of the website in the top right corner of the the website - see Language selectbox. en savoir plus...

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Trust.Zone VPN and Verge (XVG) Partnership: Anonymous VPN and Anonymous Cryptocurrency Made Internet Surfing Completely Untraceable
13 mars 2019

Trust.Zone announces a cooperation with a popular crypto platform Verge (XVG), providing secure and anonymous payments online. By accepting Verge (XVG) on the website, Trust.Zone VPN is supporting broader use and accessibility of anonymous and secure cryptocurrency for everyday life. Purchase anonymous VPN with anonymous crypto currency XVG and get extra 10% off till the end of 2019 en savoir plus...

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Personal Dedicated IP for your VPN is available!
27 févr. 2019

Need a VPN with Dedicated IP  for Streaming?
Recently Trust.Zone VPN has added personal dedicated static IP addresses in the US, the UK, France and Australia. For instanse, with a personal dedicated USA IP address you are able to watch streaming services as the US subscriber, watch US TV shows while travelling abroad and many more en savoir plus...

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Connect more than 3 devices to your VPN
26 févr. 2019

Great news for our customers. You can now connect more than 3 devices to Trust.Zone VPN!
Trust.Zone announces a new extra feature - 3 Additional Simultaneous Connections. With that feature you increase a number of connected devices to Trust.Zone VPN. No need to buy extra subscription, just order additional connections and save up to 53%. en savoir plus...

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Trust.Zone is Highlighted by The Best VPN Comparison Services
12 févr. 2019

Several world's leading VPN comparison services have rated Trust.Zone recently. en savoir plus...

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Canada to Block VPN?
6 févr. 2019

According to new documents recently released by Canadian government, emerging issues may include targeting the use of virtual private networks and website blocking. The document identifies a few issues, each likely to be exceptionally controversial. One of the issues involves the use of VPN for copyright infringing purposes. VPNs are widely used in corporate environments to ensure secure and safe communications and by a growing number of Internet users seeking technological tools to better protect their privacy online. The same technologies can be used to hide copyright infringing activity, however.

Many Canadian users noticed that asking to ban legal technologies because they can be used illegally is ridiculous! en savoir plus...

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