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Trust.Zone VPN Reviewed by the Best VPN Industry Websites

8 juillet 2019

Are you still thinking about the choice of the VPN provider? Tens of new  reviews about Trust.Zone VPN service were appearing on the web!  We can't cover all of them but our editors have chosen reviews from the leading VPN industry news websites.

BestVPN.com, one of the leading VPN comparison tools recently reviewed Trust.Zone VPN service. 

Despite its young age, Trust.Zone already offers a competent VPN service with plenty of locations and a good Windows client. Support is fine and there’s an openness to their website and communications which is refreshing. While we’d like to see a bit more technical info on the website and a switch to more transparent and robust encryption, the service as it stands is more than adequate for the casual user. Thanks to the free trial, it’s also easy to have a go and see whether you like it.

 vpnMentor, the world leading VPN community website has selected TrustZone VPN service as one of the top 5 VPNs for 2017.
The great thing about Trust.Zone is that they do not store any logs on their servers, or anywhere for that matter. The only thing they require from their users to get started is just an e-mail address to sign up. There are no names, no personal information, and no tracking of what you’re doing on the Internet and on their servers.

You don’t have to worry about choosing a server to use because they will choose the fastest one for you, no matter what your location is. If your connection happens to drop, they will reconnect automatically when a connection is available.

While your connection is dropped, Trust.Zone will block all outgoing internet connections to keep you secure until you are reconnected. Your IP address will never be exposed.

VPNRoom is a complete guiden to VPN. The website educates people about the online security and internet privacy.  Here is a Trust Zone VPN review from VPNroom.com website

As Trust Zone is based in Seychelles (the country is super nice in terms of internet laws), there are very low chances of logging activities. We did not found any of the proof or scandals, so we marked Trust Zone as a safe-to-use service.

As we already mentioned, Trust Zone seems like a  easy to use and reliable VPN provider. We think that it could be a very affordable and good option if you are looking for a no-log VPN provider to stream your favorite movies or download files online.

VPNandGO is always about privacy, specifically protecting users' privacy online by increasing security and better standard privacy practices. The website educates people about the internet security and privacy.   Here is a review of Trust Zone from VPNandGO.com website

For all the downloaders out there. Trust.Zone does allow torrenting and on all of its VPN servers.

It manages to do all this, but with slightly slower speeds than you may be used to. It is good for them that they don’t throttle their connection, or they would be looking terrible.

It also managed to hide anything that could track back to a user, so users are hidden from view in this respect.

Top50VPN has helped thousands of users to make more accurate, informed decisions about their online privacy and security. Top50vpn is mainly a reader-funded, rapidly growing project with security and VPN information published and updated each day. Top50vpn is not getting paid for reviewing VPNs or changing the bad reviews already written. Here is a review of Trust Zone on Top50VPN.com website

It would seem that the company has almost everything in check - great security and data encryption features, above-average speeds, Netflix and torrent support, etc. No logging, no DNS leaks, no shady business whatsoever.

As it turns out, Trust Zone offers one of the best prices in the industry! If you choose their most popular plan, you will get a 24-month subscription for only $2,88 USD per month! I was honestly surprised - I had bought VPNs earlier, and this has to be one of the cheapest prices I’ve encountered in a while.

Trust.Zone VPN may turn out to be the next big thing in a few years.

To put it in simple words, we had a great time using Trust.Zone VPN on our devices. The internet connection speed was truly amazing - according to VPNRanks.com, presented unbiased reviews for the general benefit of VPN users.

The payment options have the tendency to appeal to the general users and the simultaneous connections can lure in more users.

We connected on three different devices at the same time while testing its service to experience the changes in our internet connection. The connections were stable and worked smoothly until we disconnected them.

Trust.Zone VPN may turn out to be the next big thing in a few years.

VPNCreative.com covers news related to online anonymity, Internet security and freedom of speech. Since 2011, they have been reporting affairs from around the world and interviewing key players in the arena

During our tests, we tested the overall performance of Trust.Zone and the results were not bad. Speed was relatively fast, reliability and availability of servers were alright too. At first, it looked like there was no speed deterioration. 

Nevertheless, we can say that Trust.Zone is an OK VPN service. If you’re looking for a basic VPN service, Trust.Zone will suffice.

 Best VPN Canada offers reviews of VPN service providers, reviews of proxy servers and general VPN / Security Tutorials. 

With Trust Zone, your Internet Service Provider and your other visited websites will not track your online movements. They have other features that can get you captivated.

Their servers are strategically studied worldwide, so speed can be nicely optimized wherever you are. You can also enjoy unlimited server switches, so you won’t be blocked by any restrictions when you explore other given servers as well. There are no logs kept and the privacy policy highlights their commitment to strong user anonymity. You can choose among the multiple protocols they offer including SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPSec, and PPTP. This is also compatible with various devices and platforms—be it windows, android, or iOS.

VPNAnalysis.com, of the the leading VPN review seevices tried to shed light on TrustZone’s services, Pros and Cons.

I’m currently typing this while on my Trust.Zone VPN connection and I’ve pretty much switched over entirely, almost being connected to the internet via Trust.Zone VPN. I did a cable speed test without the VPN to show 50 Mbps and I get a steady 38-42 Mbps every-time I run a check so that’s pleasing.  I’ve also seen it go up to 45 Mbps on occasion despite being hooked on to the VPN all the time.

Trust.Zone offers unlimited bandwidth and speed to ensure a lag free experience. In order to test Trust.Zone speed claims I test tits speed via speedtest.com using OpenVPN and here are the results.

It was a surprise for me that ping actually improved, however there was a drop in download speed but this drop is normal and will not create unbearable lag. But speed may vary server to server and users should try different servers to know which works best for them.


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