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Top 5 Reasons to Use a VPN at College

9 agosto 2020

As you probably already know, VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” VPN software can protect your data from hackers when you’re browsing websites. Of course, there is no technology that would guarantee 100% protection in each given situation, and a VPN also has certain limitations. However, if you want to protect yourself, using a VPN is certainly a great decision. Using a VPN is one of the basic techniques that help students protect their online data.

When you’re using VPN software, your internet traffic goes through a private server so hackers cannot access your device. If they intercept your data before it reaches the target destination, they won’t be able to read it because it’s securely encrypted. Besides, VPN software hides your IP address. Protecting your online data is so important that even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mentions VPN on its website and recommends using VPN apps to protect personal information.

Why You Should Use a VPN at College

1. Protect your privacy

This is the most obvious reason. When you’re using the internet, the owner of the network can access your traffic and see what websites you visit, as well as what data you share online. If you want to keep your data protected, especially if you’re sharing sensitive data online, VPN should be first app you download as a student. VPN software makes your internet connection more secure. All your requests go through a VPN server and are encrypted. VPN software doesn’t impact the user’s online experience but makes it much more difficult for third parties to track their activity.

According to Neil Hall, a student at University of California, some students don’t bother about their privacy at all. “Some students go online using the university's library Wi-Fi, look up essay writing services, read reviews, watch tutorial videos” says Neil. Needless to say, such reckless behaviour sharply increases privacy risks.

2. Eliminate internet restrictions

Most colleges offer free Wi-Fi, which is very convenient for students. However, college networks often have many restrictions. These restrictions are aimed to prevent students from downloading something illegally and from accessing sources that are considered inappropriate by the school. However, such restrictions can often damage your online experience, and VPN software can help you avoid them. Given that VPN software uses servers from outside of the college and encrypts your traffic, you can access any sources that are prohibited by the institution.

3. Use public networks safely

We’ve already mentioned that public Wi-Fi is not safe. When you’re using a Wi-Fi network at a restaurant, hotel, or shopping center, everyone can access your personal data because the connection isn’t encrypted. Hackers can steal your browsing history, social security number, etc. Thanks to VPN software, you can avoid all these problems and use public networks safely because your traffic is encrypted and goes through a third-party server.

4. Protect your browsing history

Obviously, everyone’s browsing history is sensitive personal information. Search engines always record and store your browsing history in order to provide personalized recommendations and ads. Your IP address is connected to various advertisement campaigns so that Google and other search engines can show you relevant ads. Thanks to VPN software, you can protect your browsing history because you don’t use your computer’s real IP address.

5. Access the Internet from different locations

When doing research in college, you may need to access materials from different countries. You may also be interested in search results in a certain language. There are many websites and databases that are only available for people who live in a certain country so you cannot access them from your American IP address. Sometimes, you may also just want to watch a movie that is available on Youtube or Netflix in Europe but is not available in the USA. In this case, VPN software will help you use a server located in the right country so that you can easily access Youtube or Netflix content as if you were in that country yourself. This feature of VPN software is very useful for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Wrapping Up

Modern people are online all the time, and all of us need to protect our personal data. Although students often think that they don’t have any information that would be valuable for hackers, the truth is that students are perfect targets for identity thieves and other cybercriminals. Public networks are not safe because everyone can monitor your traffic, and college networks may have various restrictions.

VPN software can help you avoid any restrictions and protect your personal data, encrypting your traffic. Thanks to VPN software, you can use public networks safely and hide your real IP address. We recommend that you take into account the benefits of VPN for college students and protect your personal information so that you can feel safe online.