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7 Reasons Your Business Should Use a VPN

25 Mai 2020

How can you protect your own data, or the data of your business and customers, from hardened cyber criminals and hackers? Well, the first and probably easiest step to employ is getting yourself a VPN to cloak your data and keep it out of prying eyes.

7 Reasons VPNs Are Useful

VPN is essentially a way of connecting your devices to the internet in a safer and private way. Think of it as a secret bunker system for your information; it allows you to travel unseen and do your work without being spied on or tracked.


The most common reason to adopt a VPN is, as I alluded to above, how it can keep your data safe from prying eyes. Even if a potential scammer can get access to the data your sending over the VPN, it’s end-to-end encrypted, meaning they won’t be able to gain anything useful from it. Security should be a particular concern if you’re managing other people’s data, like customers of employees.

File Sharing

One particular aspect of security that a VPN helps ensure is file sharing. VPN encrypts internet connection and makes your file sharing secure, protected and hidden from hackers and prying eyes. Moreover, with a VPN your Internet Service Provider cannot see files you are sharing.

Anonymous Internet Use

A further aspect of VPN security is the provision of anonymous browsing, preventing hackers from gaining your IP or physical addresses. It’s notable to point out that this is used by attackers and defenders alike; scammers will attempt to hide their locations to avoid being caught.

Changing IP Addresses

The other side of the anonymity coin is that you can actively disguise your IP. In practice, this means you can use an IP address from another country, giving you access to geographically restricted content.

Remote Access

Working from home has become a reality for millions of workers across the world since the coronavirus pandemic, so companies are looking for ways to share sensitive or otherwise private work files between homes. A VPN makes remote access easy and safe, taking the worry out of distributed working situations.

Improve Your Performance

If you tend to be somewhat technophobic you might be concerned that messing with your IP address might affect your internet performance. Well, you’re right, but not in the way you think; in some cases, a VPN can actually improve your internet bandwidth and speeds.

It’s (Usually) Cost-Effective

If you’ve been convinced by all of these benefits, the final factor that may sway your decision is that it’s not that expensive. For example, TrustZone VPN starts from $2 a month (here), cheaper than a Netflix subscription, and make up for their cost by reducing your security maintenance and upkeep fees significantly. There are even free VPN services available, but they are rarely highly rated when it comes to the privacy and security they provide.

Final Note

A VPN is nothing to be afraid of, in fact it might be the best cost-effective security decision you can make for your business!

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Nursing Assignments and She has been involved in many projects throughout the country regarding web development and security. She enjoys traveling, reading, and attending business training courses.