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5 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes To Avoid

8 Januar 2023

Cybersecurity mistakes either happen unintentionally or due to a lack of taking proper action, thus causing a security issue like a data breach. An example of an activity that might cause these errors is compromising your IP address.

Other reasons include clicking an unsafe link, missing updates, and misconfiguration. Businesses and individuals have suffered massive losses and problems due to cybersecurity issues like system disruption and data breaches.

One example of how disruptive these errors can be is a system that has been affected by ransomware. The malware encrypts the files to a point where the original owner can't access their information.

The perpetrators of these fraudulent activities usually threaten to share or publish sensitive information, delete it or even block your access unless you pay a ransom. It's, therefore, essential to be careful and more intentional about data privacy. John Li, Co-Founder & CTO of Spectrumwise, says underestimating cybersecurity risks can considerably endanger your company, especially with customers needing to carry out secure transactions. Thus, it's vital to consider hiring an IT support firm to assist in your company's network security.

Some of the most common cybersecurity mistakes to avoid include the following:

Creating Weak Passwords

It's easy for outsiders to access your information technology system through weak passwords. Hence, you need to protect your business and personal data with a strong password policy. This will help reduce the chances of getting cybersecurity risks.

In this regard, you'd want to try incorporating the following strategies:

You should also avoid using obvious passwords or recycling them to reduce the chances of getting hacked. Two-step authentication has become increasingly popular among many businesses. In this case, the authorized personnel who operate your business systems need to provide another credential after the first passcode before they can log in to the system. These credentials can either be a:

In addition to these measures, you can limit the number of people who access the organization's information as well to improve the security of your passwords.

Using An Out-Of-Date Network

The design of a traditional network model is simple because of the single exit and entry. Its encryption modes are also essential and not as complicated as those from the upgraded versions. Most firms use these models for daily operations, especially the small and medium ones.

The downside of using outdated network models is that:

These alone can make the network prone to cybersecurity attacks. However, if you use modern and upgraded networks, there's a high likelihood that you'll find them segmented by function. Hence, they're more reliable and scalable when it comes to security.

In this regard, you'd want to consider updated networks whose standards are based on the following:

Such networks are more secure, resilient, and less susceptible to cyberattacks.

Underestimating Cyberattacks And Presuming You Can't Be A Target

It's important to know that every virtual company is prone and vulnerable to cyber-attack. It doesn't matter whether your company handles personal information because cybercriminals can target any online organization.

So, it's essential to stop thinking you're exempt and know that the perpetrators have no good intentions. They aim to gain access to your network, acquire any assets and valuable information, and use them to achieve selfish interests.

Therefore, you need to put all measures in place to ensure that your data is secure and protected by installing a secure VPN connection. You can outsource experts once in a while to consult tests and assessments to ascertain whether there are any security threat issues. This can help them identify and fix vulnerabilities before it's too late.

Ignoring Software Updates

It's essential to pay attention to the software update notifications that pop up on your screen. In as much as it's possible to forget or even delay, maybe because you're busy, it's critical to try as much as you can to ensure that you update your software.

Doing this is essential because it helps in the following:

Moreover, regularly upgrading your software prevents cybercriminals from taking advantage of your weak firm's entry points. So, anytime you receive a software update notification, ensure that you download it as first as possible to enjoy the above benefits.

If you're busy, you'd want to turn on automatic updates, guaranteeing that your software is always up-to-date. On the flip side, if it's your regular working day, and you don't have as much work, try and dedicate some time to the updates to avoid suffering a cybersecurity attack.

Lack Of Employee Training

It's the mandate of business owners and managers to enlighten employees on common cyber threats and how to avoid them. Lack of training increases the risks of your business getting cyber-attacks regardless of how strong your cybersecurity system is, simply because the people need the right skills to handle it.

An example of a typical attack that employees face is phishing. This is where a cybersecurity criminal pretends to be a renowned company associate, sends a malicious link through the mail, and encourages workers to download it. Once the employees have given in, this gives them access to the organization's critical information, which is dangerous.

With modern technological advancements, hackers haven't been left behind. They're still sharpening their skills and are currently using better tactics in their cyber-criminal activities. Phishing attacks have become more sophisticated, thus, making it difficult for IT experts to detect.

It's also easy for your employees to fall victim to malware attacks if they click on spam emails, connect to a device, interfere with a virus or even download content from an untrusted site. You'd want to provide proper employee training to prevent such situations in your organization.

Try to enlighten them on common attacks, and if you're not capable of doing it well, consider hiring a cyber security company to instill proper knowledge. This is one way of building a solid cybersecurity culture for your business.


Cybersecurity mistakes can easily cost your business. Hence, it’d be best if you found ways to avoid them. Some of them include: failure to educate employees on cybersecurity issues, ignoring software updates, using weak passwords, and feeling you're exempt from cybersecurity attacks. Once you realize the importance of avoiding cybersecurity mistakes, you can reduce the chances of getting breaches and other cybersecurity issues in your company.