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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with a VPN

16 January 2024

In recent years, the majority of people have started using VPNs as their first choice of online security. This should not be surprising in today’s climate of surveillance. Not to mention the regulations that are being passed by leaders across the world.

On top of all these, internet users have reported that VPN can be used to perform several essential activities apart from offering security. They are great tools for travelers, TV streamers, and shoppers to name a few.

Since there are lots of VPN uses that you might not be aware of, we’re going to highlight five uncommon uses for a VPN and how it works in your favor most of the time. Let’s get started!

1. Stream faster

All internet connections are not made equally. When you log on to your favorite streaming service to watch movies and shows, the site uses the computer’s IP address to identify you and get your location. Then, the site determines how much bandwidth you’ll get to improve your stream quality and experience.

This process is known as throttling. And it’s one of the reasons why your episodes pause to buffer or why the pictures become grainy and vague from time to time. VPNs like TrustZone will help in hiding your identity to the streaming servers making it easier to avoid throttling and keep the pictures clear.

VPN also solves the region blocking problem. Region blocking is where an internet connection is blocked due to the location of the user. This usually happens when you are trying to watch movies and TV shows. For instance, iPlayer cannot be accessed by people residing in other countries apart from the UK.

There are times when this can pose a real challenge such as when you are traveling abroad and you can’t view your favorite show because you’ve been geo-blocked. A VPN server in any chosen country can solve this issue.

2. Protect your freedom of speech

No one loves anonymous trolls, especially on digital platforms. However, there are some cases where anonymity in the comment section is critical. For instance, if you are reviewing your last job on an employment website, you might not be entirely honest out of fear. Your employer can find your comments and take action.

Even in lighter situations, you may want to hide your identity when expressing public opinion. Your VPN will help in protecting your identity so that you can post without fear or regret.

3. Public Wi-Fi security

Most public places today offer free W-Fi access. They include libraries, schools, hotels, coffee shops, and airports to name a few. It is common to use these wireless connections to check social media pages and emails which all require passwords and other sensitive information to be transmitted.

Unfortunately, it is not a complex process to intercept the traffic of public Wi-Fi networks. In our homes, we have routers with encryption protocols such as WPA2 and passwords to enhance security. However, public hotspots give open access to everyone because they either use a shared password or no password at all in most cases.

If you’ll be using a FREE Wi-Fi network, it’s important to use a virtual private network to encrypt your information. This makes it difficult for anyone to intercept and scramble your data. Hackers can set up FREE Wi-Fi hotspots to steal your personal details.

4. Anonymous downloads

Peer to peer downloads are growing in popularity every day. While they can be used for illegal copyright downloads, there are several legal uses which include downloading open-source software such as LibreOffice or Linux distro.

These downloads are usually followed by monitoring systems and trackers that can amass into a treasure of information overtime. The most common concern is that this data can be turned to the authorities. However, it might be sold to the most interested party. Since this type of data is entirely based on IP addresses, using Trust Zone VPN for torrenting is one of the simplest and quickest ways to prevent potential issues.

5. Online shopping

If you travel regularly, and you want to buy something from your favorite retailer online, you’ll end up at its website which is country-specific. However, if you use a VPN server, you’ll easily access your country’s site as if you were at home and make the order.

A VPN server will help you enjoy lower prices for different regions. For instance, flights and hotel booking can be cheaper if you make an order from another region. Like local calls, skype will also be cheaper in different locations.

+2 Bonus Tips

6. Bypass shaping traffic process

Shaping traffic is where internet traffic gets analyzed and processed to conform to a specific pattern. While this hardly sounds dangerous, ISPs do traffic shaping to enhance quality and performance. You can adjust how packets are released and ensure a steady flow.

Policing traffic is closely linked to ISPs. When the rate of traffic flow goes beyond the limits, some packets will be discarded. Policing and shaping are not exclusive because they are usually used together for throttling. And this limits what users can stream or download. With a VPN, traffic will be encrypted and this defies analysis. Throttling can, therefore, be avoided.

7. Makes hacker’s work harder

You are probably aware that the purpose of a firewall is to keep malicious attackers or hackers away from your network. And it’s usually located on the router. You can always get softer firewalls to enhance the protection of the host device.

Since hackers use the IP address to find your network, a VPN connects you to an off-site server and assigns you a different address. This makes it harder for any attack to be directed against the VPN and your home network. Therefore, the VPN is one of the best defense tools that will protect you from hackers and other malicious people online.

It’s important to keep your VPN up to date because hackers are always coming up with new ways to bypass security and access important information. If you notice suspicious activities on secured platforms, it’s always important to alert customer care or anyone in charge before it’s too late.


A cheap VPNs like Trust.Zone is not any different from the expensive ones in terms of what they provide: privacy and tight security with solid performance. VPNs cover a wide range of online platforms and devices thus making it convenient for users. Most providers in the market offer discounted prices and a wide range of exciting features.

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As you’ve seen, a VPN has many benefits that cannot be ignored. You don’t have to pay experts or organizations to protect your online life. Cheap VPN providers are effective too. 

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