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10 Reasons Why Trust.Zone is the Best VPN Service

6 Октября 2020

If you are using a standard internet connection, then your information can be traced easily. This information includes your geographical location, the web pages you browse, and even the details such as your credit/debit card details.

Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN can help you mask your online presence. When you use the internet with a VPN service, the internet traffic inflow is rerouted to a different server through an encrypted tunnel, and it disguises you from prying eyes as it appears that you are browsing from some other part of the world.

While selecting a VPN, you need to be careful of a few factors as you can only trust reliable VPN services with your information. There are a few countries that have agreements with VPN service providers to give them access to people's activities, which is what you need to avoid.

Trust.Zone is one of the few reliable VPN services that you can trust without a moment's hesitation. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. No Logs

Trust.Zone protects your privacy; it has a no-log policy, which means it does not collect your data and activity. The VPN does not save information, including downloads, the websites you visit, or your personal details. So, your activities and personal information are secure while using Trust.Zone.

2. Offshore Jurisdiction

Trust.Zone does not fall in the jurisdiction of any country that spy on its residents. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the VPN service giving up user data to any government.

3. Warrant Canary

A warrant canary is an assurance to the user that the VPN service has not been served with a secret subpoena by the government, and hence they are under no obligation to reveal their users' data to government or non-government agencies. Trust.Zone has a warrant canary, which means that user data and activity are completely safe with this service.

It's quite common for technology companies to be subpoenaed by government agencies for one reason or the other. If so, they are legally bound to reveal even the private information of their users to the government. Some companies do not inform their clients that their data is being used by others; however, Trust.Zone mentions it explicitly.

4. DNS Leak Protection

Internet service providers use a coaxial cable, fiber optics, or wireless network to provide you with the internet. There is a lot of data stored by ISPs and DNS servers, including the IP addresses and requests made to any hostnames. If the DNS service enabler is able to store this information, there is a considerable risk of a DNS leak.

A great way to protect yourself from DNS leak is via using Trust.Zone VPN as it lets you create a private tunnel between your system and the internet. This way, you can browse the internet while being anonymous, and your online activity is completely secure.

5. Kill Switch

To ensure your safety and security, Trust.Zone has a special feature - the kill switch, which automatically disconnects the device from the internet unless the authorized person restores the connection; hence there is no way that your IP address would accidentally get exposed while using this VPN service.

6. Fast Speed

A common problem with VPNs is that they slow down browsing and downloading speed. You won't get this issue with Trust.Zone! It is a fast and efficient VPN, which means you do not have to experience any delays as you browse the internet.

7. Out Of 14 Eyes Countries List

The 14 eyes intelligence surveillance agreements are legal agreements that allow certain countries to monitor and store electronic data globally. Agencies such as the NSA of America,

GCHQ of the UK and BND of Germany are examples of some agencies that coordinate with each other to share private electronic data for their purposes.

The alliances mentioned above can affect VPN users as they can ask VPN's to hand over their data legally. To ensure your safety and protection, Trust.Zone VPN is out of the 14 eye country list, which means that no one can tap into Trust. Zone's data and so your private information is completely safe.

8. 3 Days Free

If you are unsure of whether Trust.Zone VPN is the one for you or not, don't worry, they have got you covered. With 3 days free period, you can enjoy the full features of the VPN and can decide if the VPN works for you or not.

9. Affordable

Trust.Zone is pocket friendly as we offer different packages to our customers based on their needs. Minimal prices start with 75% discount  for 2 years package

10. Easy Setup

No one wants to spend hours setting up a VPN, that's  is why Trust Zone have made the installation process extremely simple and easy. You can select your OS first, including Windows, IOS, Android, and Linux, etc. The manual will guide you accordingly with simple steps to set up the VPN on your system.

Wrapping it Up

These were the top 10 reasons why Trust.Zone VPN stands out from its competition and provides you the best VPN services while ensuring your data and online activity's protection. In this day and age, where our data is extremely exposed, and hackers and smart computers are constantly using the data and online activity of users for their own benefit, you need to be careful of how you access the internet and protect your information while being online.

Author BIO:
Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Shireen.