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How Fast is Trust.Zone? Speed Tests from VPN Review Websites

5 Mar 2019

Did you know that VPN Comparison and VPN Reviews websites are checking the quality of leading VPN providers every day? They do advanced testing and research of VPN speed, privacy, leaks and many more.

Here are some latest speed and tests of Trust.Zone VPN by independent souces (links to original reviews are attached)

Using our system of data collection, research, and speed testing we’ve assembled the most comprehensive list of metrics to measure every VPN in the industry against.

This means that for any results we rank near or at the top of their respective categories, you know they’ve actually earned that spot instead of just shelling out extra advertising dollars for it instead.

In our eyes, speed is the probably the single most important metric that any prospective VPN buyer should be aware of when making their final decision.

Once the VPN is connected to the fastest server in a specific region, we then run six tests in total to determine the overall average. The first three are dry runs which connect to the closest server here in Portland, designed to gather data for a control of what the unrestricted non-VPN speed looks like at the hour we tested locally.

Check here 16 speed tests made by Speed tests included: The US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and other. All tests are recorded with YouTube

 For example, Trust.Zone VPN speed for Los Angeles server in the US

New York VPN server tests:

See other speed tests here.

All of the VPN reviews on Restore Privacy are based on extensive testing to see how well the VPN protects your privacy and security.

Every VPN is tested for IP address leaks (both IPv4 and IPv6), DNS leaks, reliability, speed, and how well the features work.

Other considerations include privacy jurisdiction, company policies, trustworthiness, and the track record (background) of the provider.

Speed testing results were overall pretty good. I could typically get around 40-50 Mbps on all European servers. I was impressed with some of the server speeds in the US, which are further away from my location in Europe and typically slower. But with Trust Zone’s Massachusetts (USA) server, I could again get close to 50 Mbps.

Security and privacy testing results: Trust Zone did well in all tests for this review.

Windows – I thoroughly tested the Windows VPN app with different servers. I did not find any IP address leaks, DNS leaks, or WebRTC leaks.

Mac OS X – I tested Trust Zone on the latest version of Mac OS Sierra using Tunnelblick, which is free, open source VPN client for Mac OS. I did not find any problems or leaks through extensive testing.

Android – I tested Trust Zone on android using the built-in IPSec configuration. I did not find any leaks or problems.

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How Fast is Trust.Zone? Speed Tests from VPN Review WebsitesHow Fast is Trust.Zone? Speed Tests from VPN Review Websites


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