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7 Signs Your Security System Needs An Upgrade Or Overhaul

19 Декабря 2022

Criminals around the world pose serious risks to the property and lives of any business. Therefore, investing in the sturdiest business security systems is crucial. These tools can help ensure your company is safe from malicious intrusions.

If you’re concerned that the security weaknesses in your current system are growing, it’s best to conduct a careful assessment. After all, as technology advances, criminals and burglars are also innovating their techniques and methods.

Check out the following signs to determine if your security system needs an upgrade.

1. Inadequate Cybersecurity Measures

When it comes to your business, it’s best to protect the physical assets stored in your facilities and secure your company data and information. However, hackers and cybercriminals today are equipped with various strategies to steal and salvage any data they can acquire. Therefore, using a VPN service is a smart move for data security.

Meanwhile, if your cybersecurity measures are outdated, your business becomes susceptible to more cybercrimes. Hence, upgrading your network systems and having a VPN can ensure privacy and online security. Furthermore, a VPN provides anonymity online and gives you more control in blocking outsiders from penetrating your network.

2. Lack Of Remote Capabilities

One telltale sign that your business security systems are already outdated is when they lack remote capabilities. A remote system allows you to check and monitor your office security through apps, cameras, and other surveillance systems without leaving your desk.

With wireless and mobile security platforms, users can access their accounts anytime and anywhere through remote capabilities. The system can indicate whether or not the authorities should be alerted in the event of an alarm.

Several features can be activated when your systems have remote capabilities—from turning the lights off to closing doors. Now’s the best time to choose the business security systems to enhance your company’s safety.

Products in the security system sector are constantly updating and changing. Your property may be at risk if you have an outdated alarm system that can’t be controlled remotely. Nevertheless, most security software and hardware manufacturers release updates regularly to keep your systems efficient and burglar-proof

3. Metal Keys Are Still Being Used

Metal keys have served many homes and businesses in the past. And while some remain sturdy and effective, many thieves and burglars can easily break these locks. If your employees still use metal keys to access rooms and their lockers, it’s best to upgrade your security system.

In emergency and disaster situations, employees who fail to bring a spare key run the risk of being confined to one location. Hence, it’s best to take advantage of the latest access control technology.

Modern security systems don’t rely on physical metal keys anymore. You can use password code smart locks, key cards, or biometrics. It’s also possible to trace the entrances and exits of employees in the building using these access tools. This can lead to more protection for all your company assets and employees.

4. Ineffective Monitoring System

Large corporations often combine guard patrols with video surveillance systems. However, it would help if you considered the significant gaps in this security strategy. For instance, your system can make it hard for guards to check and monitor activities on the screen. When this happens, upgrading your systems is necessary.

It’s a good idea to invest in advanced commercial security systems that allow you to monitor your business remotely 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Invest in equipment that can be constantly turned on since you’ll never know when criminals will attack your facilities.

5. Missing Audio Features

A lack of audio recording capabilities in security devices indicates that your security measures need to be improved. Essential details in the crime could be missed if you don’t hear conversations. Try to look for two-way audio features in modern security systems. This way, you can listen to malicious or suspicious conversations, which can prevent crimes.

6. Loose Visitor Policy

In order to maintain business security, unauthorized visitors must be managed. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a sturdy process or policy for company visitors, your establishment can be vulnerable to criminals. Intellectual property theft could increase if you don’t require visitors to register in the lobby.

In addition, you could also expose your employees to a potentially dangerous situation. Therefore, it’s best to update your security systems and execute strict rules for visitors to improve security for everyone. After all, your visitor policy has the same importance as your effective cybersecurity policy.

7. Low-Resolution Cameras

Security cameras are installed on properties to deter and recognize potential criminals. However, detecting criminals effectively requires high-quality cameras. And it goes without saying that poor quality cameras can lead to loss of evidence.

If the camera’s resolution is low, it may be challenging to identify who the suspects are. By having high-resolution cameras, there are more possibilities of detecting the criminal’s facial features, even when they’re wearing masks.


Businesses evolve as their needs and requirements change. To keep your business security a priority, it’s essential to assess your systems regularly. Eventually, when you spot one or any of the above signs, you know it’s time to upgrade your business security systems. So, contact the best security system company now.