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5 Reasons You Should Use a VPN as a Social Media Manager

12 May 2022

Most average Internet users view virtual private Networks (VPNs) as high-tech networks that are reserved for a specific group of users. But, this isn't the case—individuals and companies, irrespective of size and type, can benefit from VPNs alike.

VPNs are software that keeps user information safe and private. They hide the IP address on your device, encrypt the data, and route information via secure networks in different geographic locations. As they do this, VPNs hide user identity online, ensuring that users browse the Internet anonymously and securely.

In recent years, VPNs have become invaluable for digital marketers. With social media gaining traction and becoming an essential component of business marketing plans, social media managers are increasingly opting to use VPNs.

If you manage social media accounts for your company, here are five reasons why you should be using VPN:

Improve Social Marketing

One of the main reasons social media managers should use VPNs  for their marketing campaigns is to improve social marketing. With the number of social media users hitting billions in recent years, social media marketing has become an integral part of marketing strategy for every business, irrespective of size or type. VPNs can play a vital role in enhancing social media marketing and improving it.

Since social media platforms carry a lot of information about companies and their clients, the risk of hackers accessing business accounts to steal such information is always real. Social media managers can foster organic Instagram growth by heightening their security online using VPN. With features like advanced encryption, VPN makes it difficult for hackers to access such information.

Further, VPNs help social media managers reach their target audiences on social media platforms. Where competitors target audiences in the same location, social media markets can connect to servers in those locations through VPN services. This enables them to understand the preferences and interests of the potential audience, allowing them to develop SEO and marketing strategies that resonate with them.

Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi

Social media managers should use VPNs to stay safe whenever they use public Wi-Fi connections. Public connections allow people to work conveniently in public spaces outside their office. However, these connections pose security threats to social media managers because hackers can track their online activities.

Using VPN allows social media managers to protect their data by hiding their browsing history, passwords, and any other information that hackers can use to sabotage businesses.

Maintaining Data Privacy

Social media managers should use VPNs to keep company data private. Social media managers are less likely to experience security breaches whenever they use secure Wi-Fi connections. But, this doesn’t mean that their data are entirely safe.

Business data remain vulnerable because Internet service providers can access them to see how, when, and where social managers browse the Internet. Furthermore, Internet service providers can collect such data and sell those to advertisers even when you turn on the private browsing feature.

If such data get into the hands of competitors, it can compromise a company's marketing efforts. Social media managers can keep this from happening by using VPN to obscure their IP addresses and keep their ISPs from collecting data about their online activities.

Track Competitor Online Activity

Another critical reason why social media managers should use VPNs is to keep tabs on their competitor's online activity. As digital marketers, SaaS marketing agencies, social media marketers must track the actions of their competitors online to maximize results from their marketing activities.

Tracking competitor activities enables managers to gather insights into their marketing activities and quickly identify unhappy customers. Social media managers can use VPNs to track competitor activities successfully without getting noticed.

Engage Audiences In Geo-Restricted Regions

The other reason why social media managers should use VPNs is to keep their audiences in geo-restricted regions engaged. As digital marketers, social media managers work across geographic boundaries.

Internet censorship makes it difficult for some locations to reach their target audiences with posts, lucrative offers, and company news to maintain brand engagement. VPN allows social media managers to transcend such geographic barriers to keep their target audiences fully engaged with their brands.

Final Thoughts

Social media managers spend a lot of their time marketing company offerings online and keeping their audiences engaged. However, the accounts they manage and the digital data they generate make them easy targets for hackers as well as competitors.

VPN allows a social media manager to secure their company's online data, work securely online, and track competitor activities anonymously. VPNs also enable social media marketers to easily engage audiences in geo-restricted regions.