IMPORTANT! A BIG SECURITY UPDATE! Just upgrade your Android app or get the latest OpenVPN configuration files or update Tunnelblick configurations to prevent connection issues. Read more >>
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Big Security And Performance Update of Trust.Zone + Special Thank You

17 mai 2024

Big security and performance update is coming!

Trust.Zone becomes Better, Faster and More Secure!

Our engineers updated all VPN servers with the latest version of our software. We added more data protection to our users!  The newest encryption algorithms, new extra layers of security are added for all our VPN servers and locations.

Please download the latest versions of our apps for Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome or other OS

If you are using manual configuration - update your configuration files


- If you are using our official Android App - go to Google Play Store and download the latest version of the official TrustZone VPN app

- If you are using our OpenVPN Android App like OpenVPN Connect - go to the Manual Setup Page, choose your Android OS,  protocol OpenVPN, choose desired location  and follow the instructions . You will be prompted to replace your current OpenVPN configuration files with new config files.

Here is an example - how to install OpenVPN protocol for Android

If you need to boost your speed even more - we recommend using WireGuard protocol with Trust.Zone. WireGuard a modern VPN protocol which is more secure and faster than OpenVPN. Here is simple instruction how to use WireGuard with TrustZone for Android.

iOS (iPhone, iPad and other)

Update to the latest Trust.Zone iOS app.

However, if you need more speed with your iOS, we recommend using WireGuard protocol.

For OpenVPN connection, download OpenVPN Connect at Apple App Store - go to the Manual Setup Page, choose iOS, protocol OpenVPN, your server and follow the instructions. You will be your current OpenVPN congiguration files with new config files.

Here is an example for iPhone - how to install OpenVPN for iOS

If you want to boost your speed more with VPN for your iOS  - use WireGuard protocol for your iOS device. WireGuard a modern VPN protocol which is more secure and faster than OpenVPN. It's recommend by majority secutiry experts in 2024.  Install Wireguard app from the AppStore, run it and import TrustZone WireGuard configuration file

Mac OS X

- If you are using Tunnelblick to connect Trust.Zone via OpenVPN protocol - do the following to boost your speed

1. Run the Tunnelblick app, click a small Tunnelblick icon at the right on the top menu bar and click the VPN Details... menu item to open Tunnelblick window.

2. Click the Utilities button then click the Uninstall Tunnelblick... button to start the uninstalling process. Click the OK button in the next dialogue.
In case you have no Uninstall Tunnelblick... button or button is greyed out please download the Uninstaller app suitable for your Tunnelblick version from and use it to Uninstall Tunnelblick.

3. Reboot your Mac

4. Download and install the latest stable Tunnelblick suitable for your Mac OS X version from

5. Make sure you're logged into your Trust.Zone account and download a Configurations.tblk

6. Drag-n-drop the downloaded Configurations.tblk file to the small Tunnelblick icon at the top of the screen. This will add all Trust.Zone VPN locations to the Tunnelblick.

7. Select the desired VPN location from Tunnelblick and click it to connect.

or follow the manual How to connect with Tunnelblick to specific VPN server location on Mac OS X

You can also try a WireGuard protocol from TrustZone. It's more secure and up to 50% faster than OpenVPN.  Install Wireguard app from the AppStore, run it and import TrustZone WireGuard configuration file.

In case there is no WireGuard app for your MacOS version in the Apple App Store please try to download the file, extract it, if needed (it might be extracted automatically), and copy the to the Applications. See complete instruction here


- For Linux and OpenVPN protocol - Go to the Manual Setup Page, choose Linux OS, protocol OpenVPN, your server and follow the instructions. 

Example: How to connect to TrustZone VPN server with OpenVPN via UDP for Linux Mint

It worth saying that the most recommended VPN protocol for Linux and Ubuntu in 2023 is WireGuard (which is also supported by Trust.Zone), simple, secure and fast VPN protocol. WireGuard is faster than OpenVPN. Here is an instruction how to set up WireGuard for Ubuntu.


- For routers - follow the corresponding manuals: DD-WRT, Roqos Core VPN, Tomato and other

Smart TV, Play Station, XBox 360 and other

- For Smart TV, Play Station, XBox 360 - no actions needed

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