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20 August 2020
A VPN is Vital for Working from Home: Everything You Need to Know

VPN is the magic door to allowing people to work from home, especially during a pandemic. While it might seem convenient to have an office space and a cubicle to work in, with time, it can get stressful and tiring, ultimately making you lose productivity. You can now work from anywhere without worrying about the private information getting leaked. read more...

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29 July 2020
15 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

Freelancers already know how remote work works. They learned how their circadian rhythm works, and they function in perfect synergy with it.

But what happens with all those office workers, who are forced to work from home in these challenging times?

If you’re a business owner who turned to remote work at this time, you should provide support to your employees. It’s not just about remote work productivity. It’s mostly about security. Your employees will be accessing important business files from home. If any of that data gets compromised, your business will be in trouble. read more...

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