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How to Access Facebook and Gmail in China?
30 May 2017

The Chinese authorities has two major ways to control what Chinese internet users see on the internet: “The Great Firewall” - the system of restricting access to popular websites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail, YouTube and etc. and “Golden Shield Project” - the system of censorship which blocks “unfriendly” incoming traffic and data from outside of China. read more...

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Need a 1-YEAR VPN from Trust.Zone for FREE? Join Our Facebook Contest!
3 Feb 2016

Want a free 1 YEAR VPN from Trust.Zone? Just like Official TrustZone Facebook Page, share this  post on Facebook among your friends and answer the question: "Why do you need a VPN?". The user with the most creative answer will be awarded a prize - 1 YEAR VPN for FREE. read more...

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Free Internet Shut Down in Egypt
5 Jan 2016

Free Internet service for over 3 million Egyptians shut down. The service sponsored by Facebook that offers free Internet access was suspended in Egypt after a permit required from the government was not renewed, Reuters says. Free Basics gives access to Facebook and other web services without data charges. It has run into trouble in India, where activists allege the program violates network neutrality, the principle that all Internet sites should be equally accessible.

The most tech-savvy internet users prefer using VPN to access Internet in Egypt in any time. With a VPN internet users in Egypt are available to bypass censorship and access social networks like Facebook and Twitter. read more...

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China Unblocks Facebook, Twitter and Google during 2015 World Championships in Athletics
21 Aug 2015

The Chinese government will unblock social networks Facebook and Twitter as well as search engine Google during the 2015 World Championships in Athletics – according to the general secretary of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Essar Gabriel.

During the last years, China authorities restricted access to all major popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email services like Gmail and Yahoo, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other.  According to a Harvard study, at least 18,000 websites are blocked from within China, including 12 out of the Top 100 most popular websites in the world. read more...

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How to Access Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks in Turkey with a VPN
21 Apr 2015

This year, the Turkey government agencies resticted the access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube service from Turkey users several times. read more...

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