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Trust Zone - the best VPN with monthly price / confidentiality in France - according to Tom's HARDWARE.fr

18 Ağu 2019

Recently, the french edition of Tom's Hardware, the leading destination for tech enthusiasts of all skill levels, has compared features, perfomance, price and speed of the major VPNs in France. Tom's Hardware compared 20 VPNs including Trust.Zone.

TrustZone was chosen as the best VPN that offers the best monthly price / confidentiality in France.

Besides that, Trust.Zone is selected in top 3 cheapest providers in France according to Tom's Hardware. Price of Trust Zone stars from €1,99/mo for 3 Years  plan with promo code TOMSHARDWARE 

Trust.Zone is the VPN with the highest confidentiality rating. We appreciate TrustZone for "No Log" policy and P2P support.

 Its bandwidth is are also excellent and its quality / price ratio is the best among other VPNs.

 It offers 3 days free trial, so nothing prevents you from giving him a chance...

The complete review of the best VPN in France by Tom's Hardware French Edition is available here.

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