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5 Security Apps To Keep Your iPhone Safe You Didn't Know

29 avril 2021

If we are talking about the iPhone, each user is wondering if the system needs antivirus support. After all, manufacturers claim that their product is a completely modernized gadget with the latest technology, which is absolutely protected from Trojans, phishing attacks and other malicious programs on the Internet. But hackers in this industry, unfortunately, are doing quite well, and just until recently, MacOS was really invulnerable. Today, this operating system still requires additional protection, although it is not as susceptible to viruses as the Windows operating system. In this regard, the list of defenders will be significantly different than in relation to Microsoft development.

Trust Zone

Perhaps the best choice for fast and high-quality protection when your device is connected to the web. TrustZone iOS app has many features to keep your iPhone connection encrypted, private and secure. The main advantages are excellent reputation, excellent bandwidth, and performance (the application works great and does not overload the processor).

Did you know that hackers may create fake Wi-Fi public networks to steal your passwords and banking details? With TrustZone your connection to the Internet is encrypted, your traffic is protected from hackers and other prying eyes. So, nobody knows websites your are visiting. Your browser history is protected and can not be tracked by anyone else.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, or MBAM, is a free, all-in-one antivirus of choice for many Windows PC owners. It is a great deep scan tool that scans the entire system thoroughly. Although the iPhone version of MBAM was originally offered as a tool to remove unwanted adware, it has evolved over time into a complete anti-malware tool. Malwarebytes has done a great job of making the iPhone version as powerful as MBAM for Android. Antivirus is easy to use - run the program, click "Scan" and the results will quickly appear on the screen.


Sophos Antivirus is a fully functional free antivirus that provides the ability to scan certain files, folders, hard drives, and also offers a set of additional options for removing and quarantining any software that the antivirus regards as a potential threat. The antivirus also implements real-time protection functions that block and quarantine any suspicious files. Although the scanning process is quite slow, the antivirus runs unobtrusively in the background and uses very few system resources. Sophos developers have managed to "cram" all the extensive functionality into a fairly compact interface. A full system scan is launched directly from the main menu. In addition, you can quickly set exceptions using other menus. The database of malware signatures is constantly updated, so that the antivirus is able to "catch" the latest threats.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner

It is developed on the basis of the eponymous antivirus engine, offers a number of functions that allow deep scanning of the system or certain areas of it. With the proper resolution, the program can scan even critical areas (such as the system library), thus avoiding a lengthy scanning process if time is running out. Moreover, the solution automatically updates the database before scanning and provides the ability to quickly exclude certain areas of the system from the scanning process.

The rest of the functionality of Bitdefender Virus Scanner is rather limited. The antivirus automatically cleans or quarantines suspicious files and can quickly scan various archives and files for malware, including PDF, PKG, ZIP and RAR files. All options are displayed in the interface, including three scan modes and a refresh button that can be used instead of automatic refresh.


The main advantage of this "fighter" against viruses is that it is free. There is some benefit from it, but it is suitable for users with minimal computer work requirements. The product includes an excellent user-friendly interface, and the basis for protecting the device also has a place to be. Scanning and fighting is at the highest level. The reason for entering the TOP of free ClamXav antiviruses is that this utility is fully sufficient for use on Apple machines, because they are already sufficiently protected from external threats.


The right choice of a high-quality mobile application will help protect your phone from viruses, as well as make Internet access more convenient (now you can not to be afraid that malware will gain access to your personal data). Therefore, choose the best option, install it on your phone and provide the device with maximum protection.

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Karl Murphy is a professional journalist from Des Moines, Iowa. After obtaining his Master's degree, he's launched his career and over its course, Karl was contributing to the popular publications for men. He also develops his blog