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24 octubre 2020
How to Avoid the Risks of Free VPNs when Working from Home

The best things in life may be free, but not when it comes to a VPN. Where your online privacy is concerned, a free VPN service will likely do you more harm than good. Luckily, there are ways you can overcome the risks involved with free VPNs when working from home. leer más...

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21 octubre 2020
5 Ways to Make Your Device a Less Attractive Hacker Target

Hackers seem to be everywhere these days, on the news, in the movies. You can’t turn around without seeing a news story about a major data breach or massive hacking attack that took down a huge company’s online operations.

So the question is, what can you do to make your computer a less attractive target to a hacker. leer más...

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11 octubre 2020
Top 7 Cyber Threats Every Webmaster Should Know

It’s surprising but hackers attack 2,244 times a day. Financial losses related to cybercrime are projected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021. These impressive figures imply that business owners realize the damage their organizations might face due to cyberattacks. Alas, more than 77% of companies do not have a cybersecurity incident response plan and their IT teams have no clue how to respond to their websites’ attacks.

We’ll list the greatest threats to watch out for to keep your business protected leer más...

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7 octubre 2020
When Does Oversharing Online Become a Security Problem?

Sharing on social media has become a double-edged sword. It’s fun to share things about our lives that help keep us connected to our friends and family, but sometimes sharing too much can actually drive people away and may also compromise our personal safety.

There are so many ways to share things now, Facebook for our thoughts and likes, Instagram for our pictures, Foursquare for our location check-ins. There is a social media network for sharing nearly every aspect of our lives.

The big question: At what point does sharing too much (oversharing) become a problem?

Let’s Look at 3 times When Oversharing Can Become a Serious Problem For Ourselves And Others: leer más...

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1 octubre 2020
8 Tips on Securing Your Online Accounts During Divorce

In the USA, almost 39% of marriages end in divorce. If your marriage is one of them, then you probably have already consulted with a lawyer on your privacy issue. Probably you were surprised to hear that one of the most important things you need to protect in divorce is your digital data. Nevertheless, it is true. No matter how peaceful your separation is there may be a lot of information that you don’t want your spouse’s attorney to produce in court.
After two people become a family, it is hard for them to make a clean break, especially today, when everybody is too dependent on the Internet. Below there are seven useful tips on how to secure your online accounts during a divorce properly. leer más...

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29 septiembre 2020
8 Reasons VPN Protects Your Privacy When Visiting Adult Sites

The rate at which folks visit adult websites is on the upward trajectory, and the trends show no signs of stopping any time soon. According to report, adult websites are more popular than Amazon and Netflix. But here’s the point: as much watching adult content is often discussed in a morality context, a huge elephant in the house is usually overlooked – security and privacy.

If you think that you will never be affected by such issues, this could be the right time to reconsider. leer más...

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27 septiembre 2020
6 Security Factors to Know Before Picking a VPN

If you are a VPN newbie, you should know that this type of technology gives you a fair share of practical cybersecurity benefits. You can use it to access restricted content or browse the Internet safely, but the story is two-fold and you need to be aware of its downsides as well. We are about to present you with six security factors you need to know before picking a VPN provider leer más...

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20 agosto 2020
7 Risks Of Using Free VPN

While VPN does a wonderful job of keeping your information safe, a free version might not do the same. It makes them unsafe for use when dealing with confidential information and you can get exposed to many possible internet security risks and threats.

In saying so, here are some of the risks associated with free VPNs. leer más...

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29 julio 2020
15 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

Freelancers already know how remote work works. They learned how their circadian rhythm works, and they function in perfect synergy with it.

But what happens with all those office workers, who are forced to work from home in these challenging times?

If you’re a business owner who turned to remote work at this time, you should provide support to your employees. It’s not just about remote work productivity. It’s mostly about security. Your employees will be accessing important business files from home. If any of that data gets compromised, your business will be in trouble. leer más...

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6 julio 2020
Internet Security Risks – 5 Threats to Be Aware Of

Hackers, fraudsters, and malware engineers work tirelessly to come up with new attack vectors which often randomly target websites and businesses in unpredictable ways.

The best way to protect your network from illicit intrusions and malware is to stay in touch with the latest internet risk trends. Being aware of which viruses, scams, and attack vectors are currently trending will allow you to respond to occasional intrusion attempts more efficiently. leer más...

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