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What is Clickjacking and how to recognize it
13 enero 2023
What is Clickjacking and how to recognize it

Every person or business using the internet will be aware of the danger of cybersecurity threats. We know we can protect ourselves by using different passwords and avoiding suspicious downloads. But cyber attackers are beginning to create more sophisticated ways of exploiting vulnerabilities.

One of the most dangerous threats at the moment is clickjacking. Think about how often you use websites without considering what you’re clicking. While this usually isn’t anything to worry about, clickjacking has created a new threat.

Clickjacking works by placing a malicious set of links over an innocuous-looking website. This means that victims enter passwords or click links that they think are legitimate parts of the original website but are in fact on an invisible page.

This guide will show how you can recognize clickjacking attacks and keep your personal details or business secure. In today’s digital world, protecting yourself from cyber threats has never been more critical, and preventing clickjacking is a crucial part of this. leer más...

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