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VPNs could be blocked in Australia?
17 Jan 2017

Virtual private networks (VPN) could be blocked under new copyright and privacy law being considered by the Senate in Australia.

It may affect a lot of Australian users who used VPN service to unblock websites and bypass geo restrictions. The high increase in VPN usage is happening because Australians are becoming tracked from government agencies online more often every day.


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How To Watch Super Bowl LI Live Outside the US?
12 Jan 2017

Super Bowl is the most awaited sporting event in the US.  This game will determine the champion of the National Football League (NFL). Super Bowl is usually broadcasted by CBS. It's well-known that CBS streams Super Bowl online for free for the US visitors only. Unfortunately, you can’t watch Super Bowl outside the US.

The good news, If you are living outside the USA or travelling abroad Trust.Zone may help you to bring the stadium to your home screen. 


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Canada to Block VPN?
6 Jan 2017

According to new documents recently released by Canadian government, emerging issues may include targeting the use of virtual private networks and website blocking. The document identifies a few issues, each likely to be exceptionally controversial. One of the issues involves the use of VPN for copyright infringing purposes. VPNs are widely used in corporate environments to ensure secure and safe communications and by a growing number of Internet users seeking technological tools to better protect their privacy online. The same technologies can be used to hide copyright infringing activity, however.

Many Canadian users noticed that asking to ban legal technologies because they can be used illegally is ridiculous! read more...

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Happy New Year to Everyone! Here is a Present - Grab VPN with 70% OFF
30 Dec 2016

New Year’s Eve are just around the corner! Happy New Year to Everyone! May this new year bring all the crazy colors and fun in your life. Specially for all Trust.Zone members, here is our last SALE in 2016 - a New YEAR DEAL.


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Pay with Bitcoin - get 10% OFF for Trust.Zone VPN
27 Dec 2016

Need an EXTRA discount for Trust.Zone VPN? It's easy.

Just choose Bitcoin as payment method and get additional 10% OFF.

  Why Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the most anonymous and safe payment method. No personal details needed! Lastname, firstname, credit card details are NOT NEEDED! The limited time offer. read more...

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Christmas SALE from Trust.Zone VPN - 70% OFF
24 Dec 2016

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Best wishes from Trust.Zone Team. Specially for all Trust.Zone members, here is our Christmas SALE. Save up to 70% OFF with Trust.Zone VPN.


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Internet User Received 44 Letters from ISP for One Download
15 Dec 2016

The subscriber, who posted his story on Reddit, was sent 44 letters for one and the same torrent. The Spongebob Season 8 torrent was downloaded by his brother and is apparently well tracked. Usually, alleged downloaders only receive one letter per offence, but one Comcast subscriber received a whole stack in the mail this week. read more...

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How to Overcome Internet Censorship with a VPN?
10 Dec 2016

Online censorship takes many forms. Government agencies may block regular foreign e-mail services in order to enforce citizens to use government e-mail that can be easily tracked.  Companies may prevent employees from visiting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.  Campuses may restrict access to social networoks and etc read more...

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Make Money with Trust.Zone Affiliate System!
2 Dec 2016

Do you have your own website or blog? It’s time to make money with Trust.Zone service!
Just put a Trust.Zone banner or text link on your website and earn money! Sign up our affiliate program and promote our products - get up to 50% commission when visitor you send from your side makes a purchase of Trust.Zone VPN! read more...

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2016 Cyber Monday Sale from Trust.Zone VPN is Here. The Last Chance.
26 Nov 2016

Missed Black Friday? Say Hello to Cyber Monday!

Tic-toc, time’s slowly running out. Don’t miss 70% discount for 2 Years Trust.Zone VPN plans!
Unlimited VPN, unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth, no logging, truly anonymous VPN. [/p] read more...

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