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How Fast is Trust.Zone? Speed Tests from VPN Review Websites
12 October 2021
How Fast is Trust.Zone? Speed Tests from VPN Review Websites

Did you know that VPN Comparison and VPN Reviews websites are checking the quality of leading VPN providers every day?

They do advanced testing and research of VPN speed, privacy, leaks and many more.

Here are some latest speed and tests of Trust.Zone VPN by independent souces (links to original reviews are attached) read more...

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Does a VPN Slow Down Gaming?
31 August 2021
Does a VPN Slow Down Gaming?

If you’ve ever stared at a loading screen, you know the pain that comes with waiting for a game to load. People aren’t too keen on wasting time in general, so when it comes to leisure activities like gaming, high-powered rigs are typically the go-to option for saving precious gaming time.

One of the most common inquiries about virtual private networks (VPNs) is the dilemma of connection speed. More specifically, how and if using VPNs can slow down the connection to the point where games become unplayable.
If the MythBusters were still around, they could probably dedicate an episode to this one alone. Without any further ado, let’s discuss if and to what extent a VPN can impact your gaming speed. read more...

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