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22 June 2020
5 Reasons Why Smart Homes Need a VPN

Smart technology and the Internet of Things come with great benefits. The most important of all is that they help us save time. However, smart homes that do not have a VPN are prone to hacks, identity thefts, and surveillance. The hacker needs to access only your coffee machine to connect to other smart devices in your home.

How do you make sure that your smart home is secure? Even though the domain of technology makes progress every day, online work and management are prone to hacking. A VPN can be a solution to a smart home, but why? read more...

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16 May 2020
4 Convincing Reasons Freelance Writers Need VPN in 2020

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the world has been experiencing a growing demand for VPN services.
According to the report by ZDNet, the use of VPN increased by 33% , along with the... read more...

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