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2 Sep 2019
VPN vs. Proxy. What’s the best?

So, what’s a difference between Proxy and VPN? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What’s the best tool to use? read more...

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5 Aug 2019
Are Proxy Servers Safe?

Thousands of internet users use free web proxy services to overcome censorship and unblock websites restricted in their country. Are proxy servers really safe? According to the latest research - 14% of the proxies are safe only! The most proxy services modify content of the websites to inject advertisign into websites! read more...

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7 Nov 2016
How to Use BitTorrent Completely Anonymously? Proxy, Tor or VPN?

Do you think that BitTorrent is anonymous network? Unfortunately, BitTorrent and anonymity are not the same things. If you really want to keep your activity private, your best way involves routing your BitTorrent connection through an external services – anonymous proxy, Tor or VPN. Which of them is the best for safe torrenting? read more...

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