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Can VPN Be Traced? 5 Hidden Dangers of Free VPNs
19 October 2020
Can VPN Be Traced? 5 Hidden Dangers of Free VPNs

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been experiencing major growth recently for various reasons. It doesn’t matter what you do online or where you come from, a trustworthy VPN can protect you from malicious intruders and other security threats.
But there is one thing in common for every VPN user out there and that is the question: Can a VPN (free of paid) be traced? The short answer is: Yes, a lot of free VPNs (and even paid!) can be traced. 
Let's look at 5 Hidden Dangers of using free VPN read more...

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Paid VPN vs. Free VPN
9 October 2020
Paid VPN vs. Free VPN

The best way to keep your data secure and private on the internet is to use a VPN, and this is no news. However, you have the option of a free VPN service instead of the paid VPN service, and you might be wondering why you need to pay for something you can get elsewhere for free? While free VPN services get the job done for you sometimes, they have many flaws that are absent in the paid service. And this has the potential to make a massive difference to your online security.

Let's compare benefits of paid and free VPN

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