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18 May 2015
India Blocks Uber and Other Taxi Apps

India’s Department of Telecom asked Internet Service Providers  to block the URLs of Uber, Olacabs, TaxiForSure and Angel.  According to the Delhi government, these companies aren’t really aggregators of cabs but unlicensed radio taxis. But savvy users are still able to bypass the restrictions with a VPN read more...

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5 May 2015
How to Bypass Internet Censorship in India with a VPN?

Internet has been under permanent and furious attacks all over the world. The fact is that Internet is under potential threat these days. The threat is not only from malicious attacks, viruses and worms but also from governments. Internet censorship is a result of this desire to control the Internet and online activities of the users. If you live in a free and democratic society, the idea that someone can control your browsing choices probably is quite disturbing. read more...

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