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How to get dedicated IP address for VPN in Australia
26 Oct 2018

Personal static dedicated IP addresses in Australia are available for order now.
With a personal dedicated IP address in Australia you are able to watch your favorite Austalian channels and TV shows, stream video services as subscriber from Australia, watch sport events and access region restrictted content while travelling oveseas read more...

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VPNs Could Be Blocked in Australia?
22 Jun 2017

Virtual private networks (VPN) could be blocked under new copyright and privacy law being considered by the Senate in Australia.

It may affect a lot of Australian users who used VPN service to unblock websites and bypass geo restrictions. The high increase in VPN usage is happening because Australians are becoming tracked from government agencies online more often every day.


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Happy 'Get a VPN Day' in Australia!
12 Apr 2017

Australia's mandatory data retention law comes into effect today, with all Internet Service Providers in Australia expected to store their customers' Internet activity logs. Privacy advocate group Digital Rights Watch declared April 13 as a national "Get a VPN Day" - they're calling upon Australian citizens to educate themselves about the scale of this surveillance and take precautions accordingly. read more...

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Australia to Block VPN
14 Mar 2017

Virtual private networks (VPN) could be blocked under new copyright and privacy legislation being considered by the Senate in Australia. VPN users could be blocked by the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill. The bill is designed to target file sharing and BitTorrent websites like ExtraTorrent, Pirate Bay and other. "This Bill won't just block online piracy sites; it could allow companies to prevent Australian access to competitor websites in other countries! read more...

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Australian Senate Passed Controversial Website-Blocking Law
26 Jun 2015

New controversial website-blocking legislation passed in Australian Senate. The law allows copyright holders to receive court orders restricting Australians’ access to overseas websites linked to copyright infringement or piracy.  Once the bill passed into law, file sharing and torrent sites like ExtraTorrent, Pirate Bay and other could be blocked to Australians by the country’s internet service providers. read more...

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5 Reasons Why You Need a VPN in Australia
25 Jun 2015

Are you still browsing the web in Australia without a VPN? If you need a safe and private internet connection to the website and online services - VPN is the best choice to do that.  VPN is able to protect your identity and privacy, overcome restrictions, unblock websites and even save your money.  Read Top 5 reasons why you need a VPN in Australia. read more...

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How to Avoid 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia with a VPN
15 May 2015

A new law proposed by the Australian government could make digital online services a lot more expensive for its citizens. The government is considering applying 10% tax to “intangible goods” like web service subscriptions, online music, movie downloads, TV shows (including streaming services such as Netflix), e-books, digital game downloads like Steam and etc.

Some active Australian users of music and movie streaming services have already found a way how to bypass so-called ‘Netflix tax’. Savvy streaming users and TV-show fans use VPN services to avoid 10%  GST tax in Austalia read more...

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