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Malvertising 101: How to Combat The Spread of Malware from Ads
6 September 2022
Malvertising 101: How to Combat The Spread of Malware from Ads

When you browse the web, you may come across a variety of online threats. And these threats aren't limited to malicious websites. If you're not careful, you could accidentally infect your computer with malicious software even when visiting the most legitimate of sites.

But how's that possible? In a word, malvertising.

Malvertising (malicious advertising) is a relatively new cyberattack technique that inserts malicious code into digital advertisements. These infected ads are usually served to consumers through legitimate advertising networks, making them difficult to detect by both internet users and publishers.
The advertisements appear tempting, genuine, and to be from a trustworthy source. The host website owner may not even be aware that malvertising is being displayed on their site. read more...

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