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20 Aralık 2017
Security Experts from 42 Countries Urge World Leaders to Reject Software Backdoors

Cyber activists, experts and companies from 42 countries issued an open letter against government plans to weaken encryption and force the use of backdoors. 195 experts, firms and civil-society groups signed the letter claiming that people should have the option to use the strongest encryption available without fear that governments will compel access to their communications without due process and respect for human rights.

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26 Mayıs 2016
How To Choose The Best VPN - IPv6, Encryption Strength, P2P Support, SSL Certificates

Recently, the well-known Reddit user @ThatOnePrivacyGuy published the full guide on how to choose the best VPN. Trust.Zone reposts the guide here - part 3: How To Choose The Best VPN - IPv6, Encryption Strength, P2P support, SSL Certificates daha fazla oku...

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6 Ekim 2015
Trust.Zone Added Maximal Protection for Subscribers: AES-256 Encryption!

Good news for our subscribers! Trust.Zone VPN added more security and encryption to provide users with more safety. AES-256 encryption is added for all Trust.Zone VPN servers. daha fazla oku...

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