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The Most Popular Password in America is a Curse Word

22 Ноября 2020

Password is a user-driven initiative that aims to secure and protect an account from its damage. Moreover, passwords are an indispensable component of security hygiene of a large majority of Americans, that have their concrete password practices and habits.

Today, we are going to shed the light on the current state of their password management.

What do numbers say about password habits in America?

It is very noticeable right away what are the most common habits of American people when it comes to securing their account with a safe strong password.

According to security.org statistical survey, the unprecedented period of COVID-19 and the elections 2020 of the American President are the most popular themes and are one of the most frequent password options of an average American. Additionally, people might use their birth year, pet's name, last name, and completely neglect their overall security.

Surprisingly, the most popular US password in 2020 ia a curse word!

The problem is that everything easily memorable is often super easy to guess or hack. People keep using their birthdates, name of their pets, a common sequence of letters or numbers, which brings them to where they are. Fully lost and unsafe.

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Mary Byrd is a self-driven specialist who enhances her blogging skills.  She is not looking for easy ways and always developing and looking for new ideas. Professional development is an important part of her life. Mary always improves her skills and her main goal is to inspire people.