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How to solve problems with connection to VPN?

27 Апреля 2015

Sometimes, by some reason users unable to connect Trust.Zone. Here’s some tips how to solve connection problems and get connected.

If you have problems with connecting to VPN with Trust.Zone Client software, please read our FAQ

The following connection issues are revealed here:

I have received "DHCP Request Failed" while using TrustZone VPN Client

I have received "[44] The Virtial Network Adapter being used by the specified VPN Connection" when tried to connect with TrustZone VPN Client

Why do i receive "DNS not responding" error in TrustZone VPN Client?  

How to get rid of DHCP Request Failed error when AVG Antivirus or another antivirus software is running on your PC

If you receved the following alert "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device.(Code 52)", please follow the instructions here

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How to Access Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks in Turkey with a VPNConnection problems on Windows using Trust.Zone Client


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