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5 Ways How to Configure Trust.Zone VPN on iPhone and iPad

6 Марта 2022

Did you know that Trust.Zone support many protocols to make your VPN working on your iPhone and iPad devices?

The first way and the easiest way to start using a VPN on iPhone is installing official TrustZone VPN app from AppStore.

Just download the app, launch and click TrustZone icon to connect!

Unfortunately,  some countries may restrict access to VPN services on AppStore. In this case we recommend the following ways to configure TrustZone VPN on your iOS device

4 Alternative Ways How to Install TrustZone on your iOS device

  1. Configure a VPN  with WireGuard protocol
  2. Configure a VPN Connection for iOS on iPad with IKEv2 protocol
  3. A guide how to set up VPN Connection for iOS on iPad with L2TP/IPSec protocol
  4. Set up VPN Connection for iOS on iPad with OpenVPN