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How to Set Up Trust.Zone WireGuard VPN for Ubuntu

1 mars 2021

How to get the faster connection and faster speed with TrustZone VPN on Ubuntu? Use a new fastest next-generation VPN protocol - WireGuard!

It’s faster than OpenVPN or IPsec but also has a smaller codebase that is easier to audit and maintain. Ubuntu WireGuard manual differs from Windows WireGuard installation and Android WireGuard guides. In this manual, we will show you how to install TrustZone VPN connection with WireGuard protocol on Ubuntu.

WireGuard VPN Manual on Ubuntu

Step 1

Run Terminal emulator: Press Alt+F2 on the keyboard, type x-terminal-emulator and press Enter.

Step 2

Install WireGuard with the following command.
sudo apt-get install wireguard resolvconf

Step 3

Go to setup page on TrustZone, find WireGuard under Manual Setup section. Download the file to the ~/Downloads directory. See image below

Step 4

Extract the downloaded to the /etc/wireguard/ directory by running the following command:
sudo unzip ~/Downloads/ -d /etc/wireguard/

Step 5

In order to see the list of the available connections please run the following command:
sudo ls /etc/wireguard

Connect to the desired VPN connection from the list with the following command:
sudo wg-quick up

Please replace xx with a desired connection name (please do not include .conf)

For example: 
sudo wg-quick up

Step 6

In order to see the active connection please run the following command:
sudo wg show

To disconnect please run the following command:
sudo wg-quick down

Please replace xx with an active connection name

IF you need to install WireGuard VPN for other OS - follow our Windows WireGuard manual or WireGuard guide for Android.