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How to enable Kill Switch for Trust.Zone VPN Android App?

28 agosto 2020

Kill Switch is a special option which blocks all outgoing and incoming traffic if internet connection drops for any reason. If your VPN connection drops by any reason, the change of IP address happens. In this case, TrustZone Kill Switch feature will block your computer from connection to internet until the VPN connection is active again. So, your data and IP address will never be leaked or exposed by your ISP or government agencies.

How to setup Kill Switch for Trust Zone Android app?

First of all, you have to download and install the official TrustZone Android app from Goolge Play

The further steps are the following:

Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > VPN or  Settings > Wireless & networks > More -> VPN

Click on gears like icon to the right of Trust Zone label to enter settings for Trust Zone VPN.

Enable/toggle Always-on VPN, then ebable/toggle Block connections without VPN to ON. That’s a Kill Switch feature.


Note: Native Kill Switch is availble for Android 7 and later