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Trust.Zone is Highlighted by The Best VPN Comparison Services

27 Mayıs 2024
Several world's leading VPN comparison services have rated Trust.Zone recently.

According to BestVPN.com, Trust.Zone is in the list of the top 5 BEST CHEAP VPN SERVICES. See here.

BestVPN.com is a VPN price comparison and review site with three main purposes - to comprehensively review and compare VPN, to educate people on the best ways to stay safe online and to provide up-to-the-minute news on cybersecurity and online privacy matters

Downloading movies, music, and software via P2P is allowed on all Trust.Zone servers, which is impressive considering the price.
It also has an impressive 105 servers in 32 different countries, with locations like South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore standing out.
We think this VPN is well worth a try for people looking for an extra value service.

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Instead of empty or even false promises about no-log policies and friendly pricing, Trust.Zone VPN keeps its word.

For one, the pricing is competitive. Interested individuals don’t need to wait for promos or introductory prices because even the standard monthly rate is much more affordable than other VPN companies. In addition, you can’t beat its add-on features and how Trust.Zone gives discounts for crypto payments.

Furthermore, we’ve never seen a more user-friendly yet highly detailed setup guide than here. All in all, Trust.Zone VPN is a solid choice that doesn’t skimp on either security or performance.

VPN-review  is a website with expert and honest reviews. All VPN reviews are based on real speed and security tests done by their top expert James Herrin.
I strongly recommend to enable DNS leak protection (go to settings tab) and Kill Switch before the first run of TrustZone app on any of your gadgets. It prevents possible leaks, and as a result, you get private and safe web surfing.
Trust.Zone supports and allows P2P traffic. Thus, you can use it for safe and secure file-sharing.

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What I liked when analyzing Trust.Zone prices is that there is 3 months subscription plan (only few VPN services have the similar plan), the payment in BitCoin will reduce the price to 10% extra and there is the possibility to add extra features in checkout such as “Personal Dedicated Static IP address”.

They use watertight encryption and they have a strict zero-log policy in place. Also, with the newly added DNS leak protection feature, the service has become totally leak-free. You can actually use it for various purposes, including torrenting, streaming videos on Youtube, and accessing Netflix. Do I recommend it? Yes, of course.

KodiVPN.co is a website for Kodi enthusiasts. It offers guides, setup tutorials, videos, how to stay safe online while using Kodi, and latest news. If you are looking for any information regarding an add-on, whether it is safe to use, is it region blocked, and how a VPN can help, KodiVPN is the place to visit. Users can find almost everything about Kodi on this website.

Trust Zone has a very good connectivity speed all over the globe. It is one of the fastest Kodi VPN amongst its competitors. Trust zone has a very reasonable 1-year subscription package i.e. $3.33 per month. This makes it an optimal choice for the users who wish to use VPN on Kodi. Also, now you can avail their winter 53% Discount Offer.
 Trust zone follows a very strict no-logging policy, ensuring the privacy of the user. Trust zone also has the Killswitch feature which is always a necessary thing to protect the user privacy while using in-stable internet connections.

   TopVPNservice, yet another popular VPN comparison service, has also reviewed TrustZone. TopVPNservice scouts the internet for the best VPN software that are reliable and safe to use. They test each software right down to the last detail so that users have an easier time choosing one

What is great about Trust.Zone is that not only does the provider live up to the expectations of being trustworthy, but they are also pretty transparent in their policies.

There are also DoubleVPN servers that will add an extra layer of protection and encryption, especially required if you’re living within a country with harsh online laws.

The fact that Trust.Zone VPN is located in Seychelles says a lot about the privacy levels since this location is one of the safest.

TheBestVPN.com VPN comarison service has included TrustZone in the list of 118 VPNs and Their Logging Policy Finding a simple, easy-to-use and reliable VPN provider can be a daunting task. Hence the reason, TheBestVPN.com  compiled a list of top VPNs for different devices/software.

Does Trust.Zone Keep Logs? No!

All Trust.Zone VPN servers around the world ARE NOT storing any log files to keep your privacy safe. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address.

This is a massive VPN Comparison Chart developed and updated by Reddit Moderator - That One Privacy Guy.  He collected virtually everything there is to know about most large VPNs and put them into a single color-coded Google Sheet that’s easy to read and understand.