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How to Access Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks in Turkey with a VPN

21 Nisan 2015

This year, the Turkey government agencies restricted access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube service from Turkey users several times.

Last time, Turkey disallowed access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube after photos of a prosecutor held hostage by far-Left militants were published by online media and social networking users in Facebook and Twitter. Social media restrictions are being lifted after social networks remove inappropriate content from the websites.

Censors from Turkey government agencies restricted access to more than 166 websites and personal websites according to court orders during several years.

The censorship can’t stop people in Turkey from using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They are still interested to share the political news, post images and news. Permanent bans of social networks and online media lead to growth in VPN usage because government can’t restrict a freedom of citizens.

According to Trust.Zone VPN stats in April, ban of social networks and YouTube in Turkey was leading to a huge jump in VPN subscribers from Turkey last month. Turkey is currently up over 250% and still growing every month.

If you live in Turkey or visit Turkey, the best way to browse Internet with no restrictions in Turkey is a using a VPN service. With a VPN, you are able to visit social networks like Facebook and Twitter and watch videos on YouTube in Turkey.

Trust.Zone VPN service is one of the great tools to access social networks in Turkey. It’s 1-Click Connect Easy-To-Use Tool which connects to VPN servers located in another country and replaces your IP address by IP address of VPN server. IP address replacement allows accessing your favorite websites. Besides that, Trust.Zone is encrypting and securing the internet traffic through VPN. So, noone can track your traffic and websites you visit.

Turkey people can use Trust.Zone VPN totally for free. Trust.Zone VPN provides users with 3 days VPN usage for FREE. Paid subscription is also available and it’s $2.99 only. With a paid VPN subscription, everyone in Turkey is able to connect to VPN from 3 devices at same the time.