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How to Unblock Popcorn Time Websites in the UK with a VPN

14 Mayıs 2015

Five UK ISPs have received orders from the High Court to block access to websites offering Popcorn Time for streaming and downloading. Sky, Virgin Media, BT, EE and TalkTalk - are being ordered to ban Popcorn Time services.

Popcorn Time is a movie and tv show streaming service that is known as the Netflix of the torrent world. It’s a Netflix-like software that available for all platforms, offering users permanent access to any movie in TV Show. The movies aren’t hosted on a server, but rather streamed between peers through the BitTorrent protocol. The original app debuted in 2014 and was taken down for a while, but has since popped up again in new iterations from Popcorn Time IO, Flixtor, Movie Panda and others.

In his order, which also requires blocks on several torrent and direct streaming sites under Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, Justice Birss wrote: “The point of Popcorn Time is to infringe copyright. The Popcorn Time application has no legitimate purpose.”

Experts predict that Popcorn Time might not be streamed by any of the banned ISPs, but will be done by smaller ISPs outside UK, which do not allow the UK judicial system to have any control over the service provided by them via internet.

When torrent sites like ExtraTorrent and other were restricted in the UK, VPN services helped users evade the blocks on the original websites. VPN services replace original IP address of the user by IP address located in another country. It allows overcoming geo-restrictions and using Popcorn Time services without any risk.

One of the top VPNs available today is Trust.Zone VPN. If you’re streaming movies using Popcorn Time websites, you would want a fast and secure VPN service with full encryption to keep ISPs and others from sniffing and tracking your outgoing and incoming traffic.

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