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DDoS Protection from Trust.zone is Available with Discount

17 Ağustos 2022

The distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) is it’s a type of cyberattack cybercriminals use to force people offline. The main concept of DDoS attack is to flood your IP or your network with tons of unwanted requests and traffic. Tons of mailware-infected compromised devices (botnet) worldwide start sending unwanted traffic to you to make your IP or network unable to process requests. As a result, you and your business may remain offline for a while.

DDoS attacks are growing in complexity, size, and frequency, affecting service providers and businesses greatly. Some of the affected parties have been forced to make ransom payments to the perpetrators. Over the years, tech-savvy experts from TrustZone have embarked on a journey to find out why DDoS attacks are so prevalent and how to ensure protection.

Can VPN Protect You from DDoS Attacks?

VPN is a service to hide your real IP address, protect your privacy and secure your internet connection. When you connect to Trust.Zone VPN network, your real IP address is hidden. Yoour original IP is replaced with IP address of TrustZone VPN server. So, DDoS attacks cannot locate your network, making it much harder to target you.

If cybercriminal tries to hack you, he can only make DDos Attack targeted to TrustZone VPN servers.

The great news is that all TrustZone VPN servers are able to protect you from DDoS attacks. TrustZone has one of the best anti-DDoS solutions on the market which can prevent  users from 99.9% of all DDoS attacks.

How TrustZone DDoS Protection Works

TrustZone anti-DDos software understands the features of good traffic that are received by the target and compare individual packets against the defined baseline. We user special techniques to understand the traffic logics.

By understanding the traffic patterns TrustZone infrastructure can differentiate between the normal and abnormal traffic. It is easier to identify the baseline and know if there is a possibility of a DDoS attack.

When mitigating large-scale DDoS attacks, TrustZone consider the server capacity and transit capacity. Most attacks use a lot of resources and therefore, we can quickly scale the computation resources up and down.

Automated DDoS mitigation strategies are faster than manual ones to some extent. However, it is important to combine human and automated strategies to enhance the effectiveness of protection. Automated systems reduce the response time by redirecting traffic and detecting incoming attacks. By detecting large amounts of attack traffics within a short time, an automated mechanism can identify patterns to block the attacks.


DDoS attacks can impair productivity, deny services to customers and disrupt your online presence. TrustZone DDos protection can prevent attacks and secure you or your business from a denial of service attack.

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