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5 Reviews of Trust.Zone VPN from Tech Blogs

1 August 2020

New reviews of Trust.Zone VPN service are appearing on the web! We have created a list of the most significant reviews of Trust.Zone VPN over the last month. What’s a Trust.Zone VPN, what are the best advantages and features of Trust.Zone VPN – read the opinions of the most popular tech blogs on the web!

TechJury.net offers its visitors unbiased, data-driven reviews for all types of software. The team tests each service firsthand, following industry-recognized methodologies. The site's expert reviews have helped thousands of customers to find the perfect software solutions for both personal and business use. Here is a TrustZone review from TechJury

Our Trust.Zone review ranks the company among the more affordable VPN options, which is not surprising, considering its simplicity and lack of features.

TrustZone ranks among the world’s fastest VPNs. The speed drop is about 10% on average, which is awesome. If you read any other VPN reviews about Trust.Zone, you’ll find they all point out the app’s speed as one of its biggest advantages.

Trust.Zone offers dedicated VPN servers for streaming Netflix content. You can find them easily since they have a -NFX prefix. Additionally, you can purchase a dedicated IP address for streaming.

UpdateLand, a go to resource for learning blogging, VPN Technology, Social Media, Affiliate marketing and more. It is also popular for honest and in-depth reviews of latest software and tools. The website has recently ranked Trust.Zone in the list of Top 4 Best VPN for Torrenting in 2020

Being a torrent-compatible VPN, it does offer unlimited bandwidth and speed. No caps whatsoever. Needless to say, it’s a no log VPN.

Additionally, it also publishes daily warrant canaries. These are just notifications letting users know that the law enforcement hasn’t asked/forced the company to share data, or implement some kind of backdoor.

It doesn’t demand any card or financial details for the trial. It truly is 100% free.

VPNFan.com, one of the popular VPN review and comparison services has published a review of Trust.Zone VPN service

Trust.Zone may not be a well-known provider yet as they just launched on April 2015, but I think they have an excellent start toward building a great VPN service. Their network consists of 32 servers in 19 strategic countries worldwide which is small compared to many. However this did not seem to affect their VPN performance. Their no-log policy as well as a clear privacy policy illustrates their commitment to members privacy and anonymity. They support OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTPprotocols which makes their service compatible with a variety of devices.

"Trust.Zone VPN – Is it really worth using? Yes, for me!" by Lawrence Mwangi, the author of Security Gladiators (security reviews and latest happenings in the world of cyber security)

I’ve only been using it for a just under a month now and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s a decent VPN provider. Mostly using it for watching TV shows and watched the FIFA Women’s World Cup on a Canadian HD screen while using it out of Beijing. Haven’t had any buffering issues and usually end up getting an HD stream for most streams that I watch from Spain, the UK and the US.

SecureKnow.com, the largest advisory board on the web for the VPN community published a review of Trust.Zone VPN service

The features listed above work thanks to a concentrated network of servers which are strategically placed around the world. Tests revealed that usual server loads averages at a measly 7%, leaving plenty of bandwidth at your disposal when you use Trust.Zone.

"My Experience with Trust.Zone VPN" by Izayah Uche, the author of SecureInch Security Blog

I’m currently typing this while on my Trust.Zone VPN connection and I’ve pretty much switched over entirely, almost being connected to the internet via Trust.Zone VPN. I did a cable speed test without the VPN to show 50 Mbps and I get a steady 38-42 Mbps every-time I run a check so that’s pleasing. I’ve also seen it go up to 45 Mbps on occasion despite being hooked on to the VPN all the time.