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Comment configurer un VPN pour Android 9 (Pie) avec WireGuard en bloc. Manuel VPN Trust.Zone

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Download and install official WireGuard Client from Google Play: Google Play: WireGuard

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Open your favorite browser on your Android device, make sure you're logged into your Trust.Zone account and download the archive file. This archive file contains WireGuard tunnel files for all Trust.Zone VPN zones: Caché. Connectez-vous ou inscrivez-vous pour voir.

Please do NOT share your with anyone as it contains your personal authentication key.

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Run the WireGuard app and tap a blue + icon.

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Navigate to the file you've downloaded before and select it. You may need to perform a long tap on the file in order to select the zip archive itself instead of opening it. Short tap may open the archive and show its contents which is not what we need.

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WireGuard tunnels list will be filled with the Trust.Zone locations, select desired VPN location and tap the switch ner location name to connect.

Connection check

Open Trust.Zone Main page or reload it if it is already open in order to check if your connection with Trust.Zone VPN is established correctly.
You can also visit our Connection Check Page.

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