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23 octobre 2020
5 Ways Remote Based Business Can Benefit from a VPN

There are already several challenges that a remote based small business will have to face on its own. It can range from coordinating team members to collaborate on projects, building a work culture, running an everyday life outside of the office, holding effective team meetings, etc. It is indeed a lot on the plate to handle already. However, the business owners and leaders will ensure that everything is put in place for a smooth remote working experience.

The cybersecurity threat is something that they also have to look out for, mostly since their workers work from different parts of the country (world) and are connected to the internet through various networks. This highlights the importance of a VPN for a remote business, and this post shares five reasons why remote-based business needs a VPN. en savoir plus...

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29 juillet 2020
15 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

Freelancers already know how remote work works. They learned how their circadian rhythm works, and they function in perfect synergy with it.

But what happens with all those office workers, who are forced to work from home in these challenging times?

If you’re a business owner who turned to remote work at this time, you should provide support to your employees. It’s not just about remote work productivity. It’s mostly about security. Your employees will be accessing important business files from home. If any of that data gets compromised, your business will be in trouble. en savoir plus...

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23 juillet 2020
Skyrocket Your Results By Implementing VPN Technology: 3 Simple Steps

Although it’s not a new IT concept anymore, a VPN is still not as widely accepted and acknowledged as it should be. Less than a quarter of internet users have used VPN at least once in the last 30 days, which means that it still has a long way to go before it reaches the mainstream status.
However, the simple truth is that VPN providers can make your life and business much easier thanks to the sheer versatility of the service. en savoir plus...

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