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How to Hide Your Website From Search Results
7 décembre 2022
How to Hide Your Website From Search Results

The advice usually given to site owners is all about getting your content ranking on Google. But what if you don’t want your site to appear in search results?

There are various reasons why you might want to keep your pages hidden from search results. Perhaps your content is private and specific, and you don’t want the general public touching base on your pages. Or, a page is under development, and you don’t want people to see it until it’s ready.

Hiding pages can also have many benefits. For example, it can preserve your privacy and keep you safe from phishing attacks. But how can you stop Google and other search engines from crawling your site?

Well, there are several ways to protect yourself from search engine spiders. We’ll be exploring them here. en savoir plus...

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VPN & SEO: Importance of VPN for SEO & How to Use It?
11 décembre 2021
VPN & SEO: Importance of VPN for SEO & How to Use It?

As a business, you might want to target various locations for your business. You might belong to one part of the world and yet want to reach out to a more global audience with your business. However, putting specific searches on Google will mostly bring up national locations and not other faraway countries.
For instance, you are based in the France and would like to target the audience of Canada. As a business, you would want to understand the Canadian people's requirements and learn about the competition. It is where a VPN service can help. en savoir plus...

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