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5 août 2019
Are Proxy Servers Safe?

Thousands of internet users use free web proxy services to overcome censorship and unblock websites restricted in their country. Are proxy servers really safe? According to the latest research - 14% of the proxies are safe only! The most proxy services modify content of the websites to inject advertisign into websites! en savoir plus...

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14 octobre 2017
Is Trust.Zone VPN Safe for Using?

Is Trust.Zone VPN safe for using?  Is there any difference between Trust.Zone VPN and other VPN providers?  Why should I use Trust.Zone VPN? Can I see comparison chart of VPN providers and choose the best VPN provider for my needs?  This is the list of the most popular questions from the visitors of Trust.Zone website.

Our team to reveal all details of Trust.Zone VPN technologies. en savoir plus...

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2 octobre 2017
How to Protect Your Online Banking?

Use a VPN  while connecting your internet banking website. VPN encrypts the traffic and creates a secure connection between you and the websites you are visiting. Your online banking passwords and identity details cannot be stolen anymore. Did you know that PayPal blocks your account if you try to access your account from another country? VPN allows you to avoid account blocking. en savoir plus...

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9 septembre 2016
How to Choose Completely Anonymous VPN Service?

Unfortunately, not all VPN services are as anonymous and safe as they claim.  Many VPN services store the logs of users’ internet activity, collect users’ identity data, accept online payments like PayPal and etc. So, what does 100% Anonymous VPN service mean? en savoir plus...

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