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17 juillet 2020
6 Reasons Why VPN Should Be the First App You Download as a Student

The number of web crimes has increased significantly. Identity theft, unauthorized tracking, recording of your browsing history - these and many other cyber crimes waylay us on every corner. But, can you, as a student, do anything about this?
Yes, you can!
And that’s one of the biggest reasons why VPN should be the first app you get on your laptop and smartphone en savoir plus...

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27 janvier 2019
Trust.Zone VPN App for Android is Availalble

We have recently updated Trust.Zone VPN application for Android.
From now, you don't need to download manual config files and install it step by step. Just go to Google Play and download TrustZone Android App en savoir plus...

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22 février 2018
New Version of Trust.Zone VPN App for Windows is Available

We are happy to announce a new version of Trust.Zone software for Windows. Trust.Zone is now supporting French and Turkish languages too. We have improved performance - establishing the connection to the servers is now up to 2 times faster!

en savoir plus...

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