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Your ISP is now selling your web browsing history and habits. It's time to use a VPN

1 abril 2017

Say goodbye to your online privacy if you are not using VPN.

US Congress voted to kill a law that would have stopped Internet Service Providers from selling your web browsing history. Your ISP can now sell your browsing history and habits to the highest bidder.

"People have to, unfortunately, take privacy matters into their own hands," said Ajay Arora, CEO of cybersecurity company Vera. "There's no silver bullet."

The most important to do if your ISP tries  to track, collect and sell your data – start using a VPN.
It worth noticing that you should use logless, anonymous  VPN services like Trust.Zone VPN, located outside “Fourteen Eyes” or “Enemy of the Internet” countries

Trust.Zone VPN is under Seychelles jurisdiction. There is no mandatory data retention law in Seychelles. Trust.Zone doesn’t store any logs, it does not use any third-party support tools, tracking systems like Google Analytics or live chats that track and store user information.

No logs, no names, offshore jurisdiction, and anonymous payments – Trust.Zone is trying to do all the best for our users to get their freedom on the Internet back.