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How to Access Blocked Websites in Portugal?

3 junio 2017

Portugal became a world leader in pirate site blocking in 2016. Back in summer 2015, Portugal’s government agency signed a memorandum of understanding between copyright owners and Internet service providers, and by now Portugal has already blocked 330 websites and is not going to stop.

In Portugal, all Internet providers signed an agreement with a governmental agency (IGAP) so that any website that this governmental agency asks to be blocked is being "permanently" blocked, without any court order. No court order is needed in Portugal and the ISPs block any sites they receive in the request from government agencies.

Portugal is currently blocking a wide range of websites - more than 330 sites in total: file-sharing, piracy and related services that offer movies, TV shows, music and books. A few months ago Portugal started blocking non-piracy websites too - a few games development companies have seen their  website blocked by various ISP’s. 

 If you plan to visit Portugal, sign up for a VPN before you go to access blocked websites in Portutal, and prevent your activity from being monitored and tracked. A VPN will allow you to appear to log on from a different location, outside of Portugal, thus overcoming the internet restrictions and unblocking websites in Portugal.

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