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Trust.Zone VPN Chrome Extension Available!

19 Dezember 2019

Good news for our subscribers!

Trust.Zone team has launched TrustZone VPN Chrome Extension at Chrome Web Store. Our VPN extension is now avaialble for download.  Feel free to test it and leave your feedback.

What is the TrustZone VPN Chrome Extenstion?

Chrome Extension is a small software program that customizes the browsing experience. VPN Chrome Extension is working for your browser only!

With TrustZone VPN Proxy Chrome Extension you are able to unblock websites, access restricted content, stream TV show,  encrypt your browsing traffic and etc. Trust.Zone Extension hides your IP address and location, so, your Internet Service Providers cannot track your online activity in Chrome.

Keep in mind that TrustZone Chrome VPN Extension protects your Chrome Internet connections only! If you need a protection for all outgoing and incoming connections for the whole PC - use our Windows Application.

In other words, Chrome VPN extension protects browser activity only while Trust.Zone OS Application protects the whole PC with all enabled software.

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Mozilla Firefox Trust.Zone VPN Extension is AvailableSALE! Personal Dedicated IP Addresses for Streaming!


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